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15 Best Golf Club Brands To Hit Your Way To Greatness

Before today’s names for the various types of golf clubs were decided, they have been known throughout the years as longnoses, niblicks, cleeks, mashies, and even the jigger. Unfortunately, we have to stop it there because the list for these names is surprisingly long and there wouldn’t be space to include them all, but okay, one more, the spoon.

Luckily, someone stepped in along the way and changed the names so that they are not just easy to follow but actually describe what they are supposed to do on the course. Now we’ve got our drivers, wedges, irons, putters and most recently, hybrids.

The golfer’s weapon of choice, which golf club you choose, is the factor that makes or breaks your performance, so you’ll need the best for any situation. When you find yourself setting up that golf ball on the tee, looking out at the sea of green ahead and that little red flag that marks the hole, you’ll need a driver to get you as close as possible. Irons are a little similar but have different variations depending on your distance from the hole, which are numbered from 4 to 9-irons. Wedges are for those moments you find yourself off the fairway and need something to wedge yourself out. Putters are for that final shot, right before the hole, and par is within your grasp.

The best brands in the sport today put the majority of energy into delivering the highest-performing equipment and golf clubs are always the priority because even though you’re swinging, the club is the deciding factor in whether the shot will keep your score nice and low. Going above and beyond when constructing their clubs, brands like Titleist and Mizuno are using cutting-edge technology and space-age level materials that can be used by players of all levels, from the amateur weekender to the professionals on the circuit.

But which brands deserve your attention the most? We’ve done the hard work for you to bring you the definitive list of golf club manufacturers that will soon have you swinging your way to your best game yet.

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