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The Best Golf Putters For Pin Point Accuracy

The final putt is the all-important final stroke at the end of the game and you need the very best golf putters to make sure you sink the ball every time. An essential for every round, every golfer requires a putter in his bag so when it comes time to save your par, you can make the right call with confidence.

The modern version of golf putters didn’t appear until the early half of the 20th century when the club’s first name, ‘cleek’ was dropped for the putter. This was due to the shift in using metals in the construction of putters instead of the previous wooden construction, which many other clubs like the driver and iron did as well.

Types Of Golf Putters

In 2021, in your search for a new putter, it’s important to understand the different types; the mallet and the blade. They are distinguished by their head shape, with the blade being a more traditional shape and more flat, while the mallet has a larger head and its weight is distributed more to the back.

They also help your shot in different ways and this is mostly due to the weighting. A blade putter is ideal for those long shots because they are heavily toe weighted, meaning the sweet spot is closer to the heel for stronger impact. The mallet can also save you on those long shots but because the weight is towards the back, you’ll get more balance and stability in your stroke.

Features Of The Best Golf Putters

Being the most used club, making the right call on the best one for your game goes beyond just the mechanical features and should be chosen depending on the type of stroke you typically have. The two putting stroke categories are the straight and slight arc. Understanding which stroke you play with will help you sort through the options.

Another major feature of a putter you need to consider as you shop is the head balancing. Depending on your type of stroke, you will need either a face-balanced or toe balanced putter as they play to those types of strokes. As you shop online for a new putter, this information will always be provided.

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