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13 Best Golf Shoes To Buy

Always get to the green in style with the best golf shoes.

13 Best Golf Shoes To Buy

We should all know by now that golf can be split into two halves; one half is having the ability to drive, chip, or putt the golf ball into – or at least towards – the hole. And the other half is looking damn fine on the course.

But while in some instances you could potentially substitute your golf-specific clothing for something equally athletic in direction, one area you shouldn’t skip out on is footwear.

Golf shoes are one of the most important factors in determining how well a game is going to play out. How so? Traction. Your feet need to be firmly planted if you want any chance of sending your ball into orbit, as one little slip could cost you bragging rights with your mates.

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When it comes to traction, you’re given a couple of options with golf shoes: spiked or spikeless.

Spiked Golf Shoes

Spiked golf shoes are the more traditional of the two, rocking metal or plastic spikes on the sole of shoes that dig into golf course grass, giving you a solid footing. A vast majority of golf courses have now banned metal spikes in an attempt to protect the grass, but plastic “soft spikes” are still fair game.

Spiked golf shoes are particularly useful in wet conditions, being able to provide greater levels of grip compared to spikeless golf shoes.

Spikeless Golf Shoes

Spikeless golf shoes, on the other hand, do away with spikes completely, employing the use of small rubber nubs to help latch onto the green. Spikeless golf shoes can be worn off the course if you so wish, you could effectively wear them to the office and head straight to the course when you finish – you’ll still have to get changed of course, if you’re wearing a suit or some other inappropriate clothing.

While there used to be a world of difference between spikes and spikeless golf shoes, today, the difference is far more marginal. Ultimately, the best golf shoe for you will depend on the weather conditions you play in most. Wet weather? Go spiked. Dry most of the time? You’ll be fine with spikeless.

Most companies do, in fact, produce spiked and spikeless versions of the same shoe model, so if you wanted, you could have a pair of each to cover all bases.

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