Golf Clothing Apparel Brands That Will Make You The Sharpest Guy On The Green

Look sharp on the course or in the clubhouse.

Sport may ignite our competitiveness when on the pitch, the course or the court, but while it’s obviously important to play well and be the best, we’re all too aware that it’s just as important to look good while destroying your opponent. Forget the saying “all the gear, no idea”, when it comes to sports such as golf, it’s most definitely “all the gear, you’ve got the idea”.

Fashion and style have always played a key role in the game of golf and never has this been truer than today. Players at amateur and professional levels are becoming increasingly conscious of their clothing and shoes whilst on the course, not to mention their demands for the performance of their clothing is ever increasing. Golf clothing these days needs to look great and perform even better to ensure players are getting the most out of themselves on and off the course.

Brands like Nike and Peak Performance are using cutting edge fabrics and materials to help keep golfers acclimatised to the conditions of play. Other companies, like Bogner and Kjus use their knowledge of skiwear to provide luxurious, high-performance clothing, and some brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren and Original Penguin instil a style that harks back to an era where styles were classical.

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Whatever your personal style, skill level or budget there are brands that will cater to your golfing needs. Here is our selection of the finest golfing brands for men.

Golf Apparel Brands FAQ

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