The Best Golf Umbrellas To Keep You Cool And Dry On The Course

Golf has always been the stylish man’s game. The fashion choices of it’s players have always stood out from other sports with it’s unique blend of style and function. From the gloves to the bags, everything serves the game and keeps the player looking fresh while doing it. While the course might be the only time it’s ever acceptable to rock a visor and cardigan combo, there is one accessory that does this better than anything else, the golf umbrella.

Whenever you’re out on the green, you’re always vulnerable to mother nature and having an golf umbrella handy is the perfect answer for those hot days and unexpected rainy intervals. Whether you’re an amateur enthusiast or a professional competitor, this accessory is a necessity for all levels.

Being in the sun all day, you’ll definitely need something more than that visor and that’s why a golf umbrella is not like your average, every day umbrella. The canopies are larger and provide wider coverage, and are strong enough to avoid the always annoying, and often embarrassing, flip that occurs against strong winds. They also use weather-resistant fabrics like nylon and materials such as UV coating, and even fibreglass ribbing to prevent being shocked if you are ever unfortunate enough to be stuck on the green during a thunderstorm.

Like all other golf accessories, no two are alike and while they all protect from the sun, some brands, like JP Lann offer golf umbrellas that have a specific function to withstand harsh, stormy weather. Others are also designed to not only protect you, but also every golfers best friend, their clubs. Included also are many high-profile sports brands such as Calloway and TaylorMade and many others that have all recognised the golf umbrella as a fundamental part of every player’s golf bag.

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