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21 Best Golf Shorts For Men 2022

These are the best golf shorts for men...

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What golf lacks in stylish reputation, it makes up for in tradition. It has never been a boots and jersey game, but what a golfer wears to the course has always been as important as how well they swing. This is why owning the best golf shorts is a must.

What you wear matters and being an outdoor game, a pair of golf shorts is essential to keep you cool in warmer weather but also to keep things functional. Style plus function is the formula for the best golf shorts and this guide will help you to choose which fit is right for you. 

Features of the best golf shorts

Golf shorts aren’t your average shorts, they’ve been specially designed to accommodate all the movements you’ll make on the course, so they are stretchy and lightweight, but will also keep you looking fresh on the walk through the clubhouse. Some pairs will offer extra benefits such as anti-odour technology or moisture-wicking to help keep you extra cool when you’re hoping to make that birdie putt.

Golf brands such as Callaway have approached designing their shorts the same way they approach their clubs and balls, namely, with innovation and the latest technologies to support performance. Sportswear brands like Adidas and Nike aim to make things as comfortable as possible, but put their own spin on it, keeping you on-trend. While luxury brands such as Calvin Klein bring the premium style and quality that the game of golf has long been associated with. 

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