You Can Now Stay The Night In A Royal Navy Helicopter Hotel

If Maverick had a man cave...

Helicopter Hotel

Capsule hotels are so 2016. The new trend these days? Sleeping in a luxuriously decked out military helicopter. 

Located in Scotland for glamping duties, this Sea King helicopter was originally decommissioned from service before heading to the online auctions. In the usual case of one man’s trash being another’s treasure, the new owner completely restored the helicopter to its former glory whilst switching out the navy aesthetic for something a little more…homely. 

As a hotel the helicopter can accommodate up to five people – 2 adults and 3 children. Authentic touches left intact includes the dashboard, roof panel switches and foot pedals.

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For the lazy loungers there’s plush swivel seats up front in the cockpit complete with panoramic views of the Carse of Stirling and a table crafted from an old fuel tank cover. Dining duties are taken care of with a mini kitchen and a shower room has also been fitted.

But enough chit-chat, peruse the gallery and get to the chopper.