Simple Tricks That Will Make You Look More Intelligent

You get IQ points, and you get IQ points...

Let’s face it. You’re no modern Einstein and neither are we. But where you lack a few exemplary IQ points you can certainly make up for with old friend Google.

But just because your finger can grow its own brain, doesn’t mean you should ignore the more primitive ways of “enhancing” your outward intelligence. Here are a few easy tips to ensure that the only genius in the room is you.

Stay Away From Alcohol

Let’s kick things off with a bit of controversy. Scientists have conducted a report called the ‘Imbibing Idiot Bias’ which claims that something as innocent as holding a glass of wine can make you appear less intelligent and professional than your surrounding peers. Right. I guess we’ll drink to that.

Keep Your Shirt On

We know you’ve been pumping iron all year to become that pristine specimen of a human tree stump, but keep your shirt on for a second there, Peter Andre. Professor Kurt Gray, from the University of Maryland has found that people who wear less clothes (men and women) are perceived as more emotional and less able to plan and act on their own decisions. And that’s why nothing ever gets done on pants-off Fridays.

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Talk Faster

Eddie Murphy seemed pretty switched on in Beverly Hills Cop right? Commenting on behalf of TV and film scripts, Psychotherapist Tom Barber has stated that “the faster the characters speak, the more intelligent the audience feel they come across”. People have also been known to judge those who talk quickly as more credible and persuasive, according to a journal on speed and speech. So cut out the pauses, drop the ‘umms’ and get your point across with heady determination.

Wear Glasses

No, not your wraparound ones from 2001. We’re talking prescription. This might annoy some who know your vision is non-impaired, but there’s no doubt that the look of a pair of glasses can provide you with instant cred in the IQ department. Research has shown that dark-rimmed glasses are perceived as more intelligent but less attractive whilst wearers of rimless glasses are seen to be both smart and more trustworthy.

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Use Your Middle Initial

You read right, J.K Rowling fans. A study by two European psychologists has found that inserting a random letter between your first and last name will change people’s perception of your intellectual capabilities. We’re assuming Donald J. Trump must’ve been an anomaly.

Grey Gone Wild

From an aesthetic point of view, grey hair is predominantly associated with both age and maturity. Rock it right and your wiseness levels will skyrocket in social situations.

Make The Right First Impression

First impressions last – and now you can add perceived intelligence to that point. Life Coach Dan O’Neil explains that strangers make 11 assumptions from your appearance within seven seconds of meeting you. Called the ‘Threshold Effect’, O’Neil says that “people determine several factors including your perceived intelligence from your immediate physical appearance”.

Ask For Help & Ask Questions

The simplest trick in the book is often the most important. One can contribute to a conversation simply by asking a question. It will give the outward perception that you’re more inquisitive and thirsty for knowledge. This comes as a double edged sword though and one must remember not to over do it. Sociologist Larry Kersten explains this perfectly: “There are no stupid questions, but there are a lot of inquisitive idiots.”

Stop Swearing

Well shit. Psychologist Roberta Galluccio Richardson has said that “people have a tendency to find conversation peppered with bad language to be less valuable and of lower importance”. Guess we’ll be changing our tag line to ‘Magnificent Annoying Guy’.

Fix Your Teeth

People with decent looking teeth are generally assumed to be more successful, wealthy and intelligent, according to recent studies. James Russell of The London Smile Clinic says that they have seen significant increases in clients asking to have their teeth improved before interviews.

Be More Expressive

This pointer has a lot to do with one’s outward projection and yes, unfortunately the shortcomings of the human race. According to a PsyBlog post, “appearing smart is about seeming excited about what you’re saying, even if it’s complete nonsense”. So try varying your pitch and volume in conversational situations and add emphasis to words where necessary. You may just have the most insightful conversation about cheese ever.

Fix Your Posture

This one’s a favourite amongst us as it’s all about body language and really not hard to achieve. People who slouch are often perceived as “lazy, shy or stupid” according to Life Coach Rebekah Fensome. So get yourself a decent office chair, roll those shoulders up and maintain eye contact with your subject when talking. It’s one of the more sure fire ways to appear more intelligent.