Hublot Big Bang Unico Golf: World First Mechanical Golf Watch Will Have Other Golfers Green With Envy

Just don't expect it to improve your handicap.

Hublot Big Bang Unico Golf: World First Mechanical Golf Watch Will Have Other Golfers Green With Envy

Hublot is no stranger to making extravagant watches with complex mechanisms, but one of its latest timepieces has a very particular audience in mind. Golfers.

The watch is based on the Big Bang Unico, one of the most recognisable families of watches Hublot produces. This model, the Golf Green Carbon, reference 416.YG.5220.VR is designed to be the perfect companion when out on the fairway and will let you leave the pencil and paper scoresheet at home. To the untrained eye it would look just like any other Big Bang Unico, but take a closer look at the dial as you’ll notice complications at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock, all designed to assist golfers with scoring.

3 o’clock is where you keep tally of the number of hits for each hole, which you advance by pressing one of two pushers on the right side of the watch. 6 o’clock is where you’ll find a running total of your entire 18 hole score and 9 o’clock lets you view which hole you’re on. This last one can also be advanced by pressing the second of the two pushers. How bouji.

Rounding things off is a green colour finish to complement the golf course, and in true Hublot style, the dial is skeletal so you can view the Hublot HUB1580 self-winding movement – with 72-hour power reserve – in all its glory, and see how it moves whenever you make adjustments to your score.

The watch itself isn’t brand spanking new, as it was released in 2018 in collaboration with then-number-one golfer Dustin Johnson. The 2018 release rocked a white colour finish (it can also be found in blue) which helped to show off its carbon and Texalium materials. Texalium, by the way, is an incredibly lightweight material that gives this timepiece a weight of just 98g, which considering it’s a fairly big boy at 45mm, is no easy feat.

The Hublot Big Bang Unico Golf Green Carbon is available now for A$45,400 but is strictly limited to 100 pieces.

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