Lewis Hamilton’s Tattoos Explained

When Lewis Hamilton burst onto the Formula 1 scene, he didn't exactly represent the existing roster of drivers who had competed in the sport throughout the years.

Lewis Hamilton’s Tattoos Explained

In addition to Lewis Hamilton’s record seven Formula 1 World Championship titles, the British driver is also known for his many tattoos. Over the years, Lewis has added more ink to his body because as he once said, he would like to tell his life story with body ink.

How many tattoos does Lewis Hamilton have?

Throughout Lewis Hamilton’s career, his body ink has dominated conversations almost as much as his driving, with many taking issue with the way that the Mercedes driver presents himself off the track. To date, Lewis Hamilton has 15 tattoos, all over his body.

Lewis Hamilton’s back tattoos

The largest tattoo on Lewis’ body is the huge cross with angel wings which is etched on his back. The design of the cross was inspired by Hamilton’s favourite rapper, the late – great – Tupac Shakur. Above the cross are the words “Still Rise” which is the title of a poem by activist Maya Angelou.

Lewis Hamilton’s hand tattoos

The Mercedes driver has a small rose tattoo on his hand which was inked to cover a scar after suffering a karting injury aged 8.

“I got my hand stuck under the go-kart whilst I was driving, and it went through my glove and right down to my tendon and it cut through part of my tendon,” Hamilton said.

Lewis Hamilton’s neck tattoos

There’s also an eagle design on his neck as well as the words ‘God is Love’. Behind his ear, the word “Blessed” is written. Lewis also has Chinese symbols on his right side. One of the symbols means ‘warrior’ while the one below it means ‘love

Lewis Hamilton’s chest tattoos

Hamilton has the words ‘Powerful Beyond Measure’ inked on his chest. The words are part of a powerful quote from writer Marianne Williamson: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate,” said Hamilton “Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.”

The word ‘measure’ on his chest is enclosed by a huge lion tattoo. According to Hamilton, it’s an African Lion that symbolises mastering one’s emotions.

“The African lion roars ferociously and the roar can be heard for miles,” he said. “It is summoning the power of the sun to be unleashed at his will, he proclaims his power as a message and a warning.”

Hamilton also has a compass tattooed on his chest and torso to signify the guidance of the Catholic Church in his life.

Lewis Hamilton’s shoulder and arm tattoos

Hamilton also has the words faith and family on his shoulder.

On the top of his right arm is a portrait of Michaelangelo’s Pieta – the image of Mary holding the child Jesus. Meanwhile, his right bicep has the Catholic image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

On Lewis’ left shoulder, he has a tattoo of a man holding a child towards the sky, which is dedicated to his father who guided him all of his life.

“From the age of 4, I guess, he would pick me up, throw me in the air, as you do with kids, and it was the single most special moment that I would really have with my dad because he was a very very serious man,” Hamilton said. “He was very very tough, but in this particular moment, that’s when he was the happiest.”

Lewis Hamilton tattoo controversy

When Lewis Hamilton burst onto the Formula 1 scene, he didn’t exactly represent the existing roster of drivers who had competed in the sport throughout the years.

He arrived wearing jewellery and sunglasses; as his career developed, so did his fashion, wearing designer brands as the race weekends progressed throughout the season. He was also covered in tattoos.

“I didn’t feel like I was welcome,” Hamilton told Vanity Fair. “I didn’t feel like I was accepted. God knows how many of these drivers say: ‘This is not what a Formula 1 driver is. That’s not how you behave. This is not how you do it. Tattoos? No! A Formula 1 driver doesn’t have tattoos! A Formula 1 driver doesn’t have a personality—and piercings!’”