The New Mini Cooper Should Be Called 'Widowmaker'

Aw, how cute.

The New Mini Cooper Should Be Called 'Widowmaker'

Forget about the news of a tree-hugging electric Mini for a second and feast your eyes on this little beast to come out of John Cooper Works, Mini’s dedicated performance arm.

The heavily modified car officially named the John Cooper Works GP Concept is a radical version of the road car made specifically for the track. It will also provide a hint of the carmaker’s future performance-oriented lineup including the production version of the Mini John Cooper Works GP.

So what does a Mini from hell come with?

Whilst the company refrained from releasing details about the powerplant, the current generation JCW Mini boasts a 160kW four-cylinder turbo engine paired to a six-speed manual. Punters can expect to see something more aggressive than this on the GP Concept.

The body of the car is the most audacious feature with massive carbon fibre fins adorning the panels to ensure optimal airflow and downforce at speed. The detail even trickles down to the finer racing appointments like a centrally mounted windscreen wiper. Not that you’d notice given the heavily pumped front and rear guards and that sinister looking red and black paint job. The Union Jack LED tail lights are a quirky touch to a serious piece of kit though.

Speaking of the car’s radical design, BMW Group senior vice president of design, Adrian von Hooydonk, said that “if you know about Mini, you’ll be aware of the brand’s long and successful history in motor sport”.

“The John Cooper Works GP Concept brings together the full suite of defining Mini design elements and showcases them at their sportiest. What we’re looking at here is maximum performance, maximum Mini.”

The Mini John Cooper Works GP Concept will officially debut at this year’s Frankfurt motor show alongside a host of other hotly anticipated models.