Mount Everest: Spectacular View Not Seen In Years Goes Viral In Epic Photo

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Mount Everest: Spectacular View Not Seen In Years Goes Viral In Epic Photo

Nepalese town Namche Bazaar, pre-lockdown.

When you think of the world’s natural wonders, The Grand Canyon, The Northern Lights, The Great Barrier Reef and – of course – Mount Everest probably spring to mind (if you know your geography you probably think of Victoria Falls, The Harbour of Rio di Janeiro and Paricutin too).

But the view of one of the most dramatic natural wonders – Mount Everest – has for years been obscured by pollution.

Now, in a view “not seen in years” (, Mount Everest is visible once again from Kathmandu Valley, over 200km away.

Granted; it’s not Babylon, rather a new perspective on an existing wonder, but still, the stunning image, taken by photographer Abhushan Gautam for Nepali Times, has resonated with people, revealing the environmental silver linings of the current pandemic.

The photo shows the white Himalayan ranges in the background of the photograph with an arrow pointing out Mount Everest.

The image also raised questions around what we are (or are not) going to do to maintain these kinds of natural upsides, which, as global travel came to a screeching halt, have been seen everywhere from Venice to Miami.

The photo also comes after, earlier this month, various residents in northern India told SBS the lockdown had given them a view many had not seen in 30 years.

“We can see the snow-covered mountains clearly from our roofs,” Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal, a pollution reduction activist, told SBS.

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