Puma Invents Fitness Training Robot To Help You Run Faster

Puma BeatBot Robot

As wearables and smartwatches become the craze amongst the fitness fanatics of today, Puma decided to take a step back for a completely different approach to personal fitness tracking.

Welcome to BeatBot, an automated robot which acts as a training buddy on the track who can whoop your ass in line when no other human is around. The visual target, which looks like a box on wheels, acts much like what racing dogs chase around a track.

The only difference being the level of connectivity and intuition whereby the BeatBot can race, time and then relay the pace you need to beat. It works by having the runner input their target time and distance before the BeatBot paces itself with programmed metrics over various runs. The robot is even fast enough to mimic Usain Bolt’s 44km/h track record which is a pretty damn good feat in itself for an R/C car with a brain.

The Puma BeatBot is a result of a collaboration between NASA robotics engineers, MIT students and ad agency JWT. Inside the small device resides two GoPro cameras, nine infrared sensors and Arduino programmed wheels .

For now the Puma BeatBot is only available to the brand’s sponsored athletes, so no you can’t race it down at your local park.