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26 Best Sweatpants For Men For Maximum Comfort

Look and feel your most comfortable with these men's sweatpants.

26 Best Sweatpants For Men For Maximum Comfort

The best men’s sweatpants have an interesting place within the men’s fashion space. Most likely worn on lazy days and for lounging around the house, some guys choose to wear tailored, slim-fitting variants out and about as a stylish alternative to the likes of jeans and chinos.

It’s important you distinguish between the two: pairs hailing from sportswear brands that sport large branding are pairs we wouldn’t recommend wearing to run your daily errands, for example. They bring to mind specific connotations of certain youth cultures.

Fortunately, you can easily distance yourself from the hooligan look, as plenty of clothing brands produce their own versions of comfortable men’s sweatpants that can easily transition from slouching to the sidewalk and can look great paired with t-shirts and sneakers.

Sweatpants vs joggers: What’s the difference?

When searching for the best men’s sweatpants, you may come across the terms sweatpants and joggers, but while there may be several similarities between the two, there are clear differences to distinguish them from each other. The main difference relates to the weight of the material, with sweatpants being made from a heavier fabric than joggers, making them perfect for cold days and providing high levels of comfort.

You can still wear them to the gym and around town, however, and if anything, their ability to make you sweat more can bring with it various health benefits.

Joggers meanwhile will be made from a more lightweight fabric that is more breathable, and are designed to provide full-leg coverage when jogging.

We’ve rounded up some of the best men’s sweatpants currently available, that are perfectly suited to the colder seasons, as well as providing late-night comfort as the seasons begin to heat up.