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17 Best Men’s Joggers | Top-Rated For All Body Shapes & Exercise

No longer something just for running, these joggers are great for everyday wear.

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Men’s joggers have evolved over time. While they were indeed once used predominantly for jogging, today’s joggers have become just as much of a fashion statement as they have a functional one.

And, while they may often be confused with sweatpants, owing to the fact they both tend to rock drawstring waists and cuffed hems, joggers tend to have a more tapered fit in the lower leg and will be better at drawing moisture away from the skin. Make no mistake, though, a good pair of men’s joggers still make for a great piece of everyday clothing, offering comfort and practicality in spades.

We’ve rounded up some of the best men’s joggers currently available and, because you’re realistically going to spend more time walking or lounging around in them, as opposed to doing any actual jogging, we’ve focused on the pairs that are going to provide comfort above all else.

What to look for when buying joggers

  • Fit: Jogger construction and design is 90% about the choice. If you’re running or working out, you’ll want to ensure the joggers have been designed with this in mind. Performance joggers which are traditionally more expensive will have been tested in the gym and with exercise in mind.
  • Material: Now most joggers are made from a polyester blend, but some brands are experimenting with merino wool too. If you’re working out in Summer, then add some nylon into the mix for more cooling and comfort.
  • Weight: This one’s self-explanatory – the heavier the fabric the less conducive they are for workouts and running.
  • Brand: The days of only buying Nike or Adidas are gone. There are a lot of really good brands out there now worth exploring. We have them covered below.