Qantas Clothing: Fashionable Way For Customers To Spend Frequent Flyer Points

Taking fashion to new heights.

2020’s been a tough time for airlines, as international tourism has ground to a halt thanks to COVID-19. Australian airlines have suffered even more than others, thanks to both domestic border closures and strict restrictions on overseas travel. Virgin Australia notably went into voluntary administration earlier this year, but Qantas – the national carrier and one of the world’s oldest airlines – has also been suffering.

With only faint trickles of ticket sales and no clear end in sight to this pandemic, Qantas has explored other ways to stay afloat during these troublesome times. Necessity once again has proved to be the mother of invention, and Qantas has proved to be a plucky innovator. Not only have they been offering scenic ‘boomerang flights‘ and have the genius idea of selling off their old 747 business class bar carts, but now they’ve come out with an exclusive line of leisurewear that’s not only stylish but a great way for the adventure-starved to capture some of the glamour of air travel without having to leave lockdown.

Leading Australian fashion designer Martin Grant has collaborated with Qantas on a limited-edition athleisure-wear capsule which showcases a mix of the airline’s vintage logos to mark the Flying Kangaroo’s centenary year, the brand announced this morning.

The collection, which consists of luxurious cashmere sweaters and sweatshirts; t-shirts, a hoodie and a beach tote, feature old-school Qantas branding and the brand’s iconic red and navy palette as well as vivid wattle yellows. It’s a stylish collection many aspiring jet-setter will no doubt be keen to add to their wardrobes.

Sweaters from the collection. The wattle yellow and navy cashmere sweaters retail for $425 / 73,910 Qantas Points whereas the cotton sweatshirts like this grey number go for $250 / 43,470 Qantas Points.

“This collection is all about classic shapes, comfortable styles and materials that are kind on the environment,” Grant says.

“But the hero of the designs are the iconic logos that evoke so many fond memories for Australians… The Qantas brand is embedded in the history of our country. I wanted this collection to be a nod to the past but also be a treasured piece for the future.”

The Melbourne-born, Paris-based fashion prodigy has previously designed uniforms for Qantas’ pilots, cabin crew and ground staff as well as pyjamas and amenity kits for the airline’s First Class customers.

This capsule collection is a masterstroke for Qantas. The Qantas-branded pyjamas you get in business or first class (grey for the former and navy in the latter) have long been prized as the loungewear flex par excellence. Taking this trend to its logical conclusion by fusing Qantas’ classic iconography with premium materials makes a hell of a lot of sense.

Furthermore, one of the breakout fashion trends of 2020 has been the move towards ‘quality basics’ and luxury athleisure or loungewear, which this capsule is sure to capitalise on.

The collection is available for purchase exclusively from the Qantas Rewards Store, where you can use either Qantas Points or good old Australian dollars to snap them up – whatever takes your fancy.

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