Chefs Reveal The Restaurant Red Flags Australian Diners Really Need To Know

"If employees try to argue with you about food quality... it means they have a cook who can't take criticism and your chances of getting a sneezer are greatly increased."

Chefs hold a privileged position in society that no-one but the most disgruntled waiters and the Australian Government dare to question. But while they pride themselves on plating drool-worthy dishes by day, by night the chefs of Reddit hop online to reveal kitchen secrets that the public really ought to know.

Cue: the recent thread, “Chefs, what red flags should people look out for when they go out to eat?”, which is now trending on Reddit due to the saucy insights it offers into the world of hospitality. Intrigued? These are the secret signs that can warn you whether a restaurant is good or bad, according to the chefs of Reddit.

Low Prices

We’ll begin with the obvious: “A $4 steak is not a good steak.”

Employees Who Argue With You

One Reddit chef posted, “If employees try to argue with you about food quality in order to dissuade you from sending something under cooked back, just leave.” Solid advice. Why?

“It means they have a cook who can’t take criticism and your chances (of) getting a sneezer are greatly increased.”

Employees Who Argue With You… & Won’t Back Down

One tale from another Reddit user illustrates this perfectly: “Back when my husband and I were dating, we went to a Thai restaurant. Ordered broccoli and noodles and when the dish arrived, we saw there were lots of black specs all over. Looked closer and they were aphids.”

“Grossed out, we called the waiter over. He took a look and tried to argue with us that it was black pepper, not aphids. Dude, there were obvious legs and wings! He wouldn’t budge so we walked out and never went back.”

Weird Decor

Other chefs offered up simpler warning signs.

“Dirty stained carpets.”

Excessive Noise

As one chef points out, “Loud restaurants are becoming a major problem, so much so (that) a New York food critic has started including dB readings in his reviews.” While a bit of chatter is the sign of a place with good ambience, a deafening din is… well… a deafening din. Endure at your own risk.

Waiters Who Don’t Know Where Your Food Was Sourced

According to one Reddit user, another restaurant red flag is when the waitstaff can’t tell you where the food comes from.

“Ask where your oysters come from. If they don’t know, you don’t want them.”

Staff That Argue With Each Other

“The biggest thing to keep an eye on,” another commenter added, “Is the staff.” If there are pissed off people, he goes on to say, “Get out as fast as you can.” Similarly, if everyone is “kinda apathetic”, that’s another cue to leave.

On the other hand, “If people seem genuinely good with being there — even if it’s busy or if there’s playful ragging going on, that’s where you want to be. The better the staff gets along, the better everything in the place runs.”

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