The Strangest Things Staff Have Seen Rich People Do In Hotels

"We found the doll riddled with what looked liked bullet holes..."

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It may be – in some ways – an unfair stereotype, but there are some extremely wealthy people out there, who choose to spend their money on the most bizarre things. And it seems that these rich people who do wish to indulge in odd behaviour, tend to do it in hotels because the hotel staff will happily oblige and will clean up any messes involved.

Case in point: a hotel insider told VICE an insane story involving eating food out of a guitar and a Taylor Swift blow-up doll.

“This millionaire from China had a disastrous singing career before he made it big in the tech space. Somehow, it seems, he never got over his past. So, whenever he would come to our hotel, where I work as a bellman, he’d demand his food be served inside a special guitar that he’d hollowed out himself.”

“Initially, we pitied him because it seemed like a classic case of trauma to our amateur eyes. But things came to a head when he actually wanted to have dinner off a blow-up doll resembling Taylor Swift.”

“The doll itself was heavily bejewelled and had an expensive swimsuit put on it. This continued for a few days until we found the doll riddled with what looked like bullet holes, lying supine outside his room.”

And to prove this isn’t a one-off occurrence, we did a little digging and there sure are plenty of stories that prove – some – affluent people really do demand bizarre things from hotel staff. For example, a concierge from the Beverly Hills Hotel in LA told Financial Review about a hotel guest who paid an exorbitant amount of money just so their dog could get married.

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“We once had a guest that was breeding her show dog and had us arrange an actual wedding for the two collies… complete with a minister, catering, outfits, etc. They got married in the Crystal Ballroom – she wore traditional white – and [the dogs] honeymooned in one of our garden suites, Bungalow 14. Total cost was about $US15,000.”

Doling out cash on beloved pets seem to be common though; Reddit user ‘fabulin’ wrote on a popular thread, “I used to work at the Dorchester and Marriott Hotel in London [and] a very famous singer/actress used to demand a fresh roll of turf be delivered to her room every day so her dog could pee on it.”

On the same Reddit thread, user ‘icycld’ commented, “Worked at a private villa in Bali. One guest stood out. She only drinks and bathes in Evian, so one day I spent almost an hour filling a large tub from tons of Evian bottles…”

The adage ‘money is wasted on the rich’ really comes to mind while reading these stories, doesn’t it?

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