37 Times Russell Westbrook Proved He's The NBA's Most Stylish Mofo

Russell Westbrook continues to dazzle on and off the court

He’s the 2017 NBA MVP. He was seen at Paris Fashion Week last week wearing wide legged trousers. Controversy! He split up with his on-court BFF last year only to have said BFF win an NBA Championship….. but he’s still MVP. So maybe it’s okay between them? Who cares. 

From off court to backstage Russell Westbrook continues to prove why he’s the most stylish man in the NBA… possibly even sport in the US of A. Why? Because he’s willing to take fashion risks and doesn’t really give a fuck. 

Once again we talk about his latest wide legged trouser look or loud head to toe prints, dyed denim Canadian tuxedos, sublime sneaker game, crisp shirts and rolling into NBA games like he’s just got off a catwalk. He’s all about risks and we love that. 

We decided to dig up 49 occasions where Russell Westbrook broke the rules and owned some off-court style action. 

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