Samsung’s New AI-Powered TVs Will Change The Way Australians Watch Sport Forever

Your TV-watching habits are about to change in a big way...

Samsung’s New AI-Powered TVs Will Change The Way Australians Watch Sport Forever

Image: Samsung

This week, we were lucky enough to be invited to the launch of Samsung’s new line-up of AI-powered TVs, speakers, and much more. Suffice to say, the way we watch TV is about to change in a big way.

Hidden away in the dramatic depth of Sydney’s Machine Hall, Samsung launched their brand new line-up of audio-visual tech to an eager Australian press pack.

Only a matter of weeks after the launch of Samsung’s revolutionary S24 series — which we’ve reviewed in detail — the Korean kingpin of consumer electronics has shown beyond doubt that it’s leading the charge when it comes to seamlessly integrating cutting-edge AI into the devices you use on the daily.

Speaking to Simon Howe, Samsung’s Director of Audio-Visual in Australia, he reminded us of a crucial life lesson: bigger is always better… at least when it comes to picking your next TV.

Image: Samsung

He told us that Samsung’s line-up of 85″+ TVs — the largest in this range is a staggering 98″ corner to corner — is their fastest-growing category. Aussies love big TVs, and Samsung is here to give the people what they want in a sleeker, cleverer, and higher-powered package than ever before.

This brings us neatly to the Neo QLED range, the veritable crown jewel of Samsung’s new offerings which, along with unparalleled picture quality and basically-bezel-less design, introduces an AI-powered feature that sports lovers will adore: the AI Motion Enhancer Pro. Using neural networks embedded in the device, this clever bit of tech is all about embuing your favourite sport with unparalleled smoothness and clarity.

If you’re watching the footie finals or The Masters next month, gone are the days of blurry-looking footballs or golf balls dissolving into the skyline — the AI cleans up the picture for you so you can track the ball at all times. If you’re tuned in to a high-octane F1 Grand Prix, you’ll actually be able to see the cars fly around the track in the high-definition that you’ve paid for, rather than just a lacklustre blur covered in Red Bull decals…

Image: DMARGE/Samsung

If movies are more your bag, then you should take a peek at the world’s first Glare-Free OLED TV, specifically designed to eliminate reflections while maintaining the deepest blacks this writer has ever seen.

Ideal for the bright, sun-soaked living rooms that make Australia so great, these devices — coupled with a whole host of AI features that we hope to review in full soon — will ensure your next rewatch of the Dune franchise or Oppenheimer allows the films to exude all their cinematic brilliance, sans your slumped-on-the-sofa reflection.

The 2024 lineup is more than just TVs; it’s an ecosystem of smart devices designed to enhance the way Australians live, and nowhere is that better embodied than their range of ‘Music Frames’.

Image: Samsung

Seamlessly blending into their environment by camouflaging itself inside modern picture frames, the design-centric device provides high-quality sound with a premium look that gives you all the big sound you need without throwing off your girlfriend’s most recent TikTok-inspired interior design aesthetic…

So, whether you’re looking to pump up your screen size ahead of the Paris Olympics, impress your new cinephile love interest, or simply keep the peace without skimping on sound, it seems Samsung and their scarily good line-up of AI-powered features have got you covered.