Brawn In Berlin: Santiago Brotons Design Penthouse Loft

Minimalism is best left to the professionals and this is duly proven by the good people at Santiago Brotons Design.

There latest penthouse loft located in Berlin sports some of the most luxurious appointments in a small apartment with superbly executed monochrome lines. With a total area of just 320 square metres, the space some how manages to squeeze in stunning views of the Berlin skyline.

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The designers specifically wanted a masculine feel to the loft so they approached talented furniture makers such Muun for beds, Bocci for light installations, Hygge Interior for accessories and Norr11 for outdoor furniture. Even the artwork isn’t spared the selection criteria with pieces commissioned from Isabella Trimmel.

The theme throughout the space is distinctly organic with Santiago Brotons Design going for an industrial-organic feel via leather and steel paired with soft fabrics.

If the open space, exposed white beams and contrasting black static pieces don’t grab your attention then its beautifully simple bedroom definitely will.

Interior elegance has never looked this cool.