The TAG Heuer Carrera Could Be The Best Father's Day Gift Ever


The TAG Heuer Carrera Could Be The Best Father's Day Gift Ever

If you’re looking for the ultimate Father’s Day gift for the dad in your life (or maybe you’re a dad who deserves to treat yourself), TAG Heuer’s latest watch release is the best purchase you could make this year.

The Iconic Swiss watchmaker is celebrating its 160th anniversary this year, and it’s doing it in style: relaunching its iconic Carrera racing chronograph with a whole new suite of models and updated features.

Based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, perhaps the most important watchmaking city in the world, TAG Heuer is one of the world’s most prominent watchmakers, well-known for its clean, sporty watches worn by everyone from Steve McQueen to Chris Hemsworth. The Carrera is one of its most famous timepieces: designed in 1962 by their dynamic young CEO Jack Heuer, the Carrera boasts a timeless design that’s perfect for all kinds of men.

Dads who love motorsports will adore the sporting heritage of the Carrera. The watch is refined enough to suit any fashion-forward man, but isn’t haughty or ostentatious. Dads with an eye for design will appreciate its clean, functional composition and incredible craftsmanship.

TAG Heuer kicked off its 160th anniversary celebrations by releasing two limited-edition Carrera models – the TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 160 Years Silver and Montreal Editions. It’s continuing to elevate the Carrera by releasing four new flagship models: a deep blue with a matching ceramic bezel, muted olive green with a silver steel bezel or two black versions with sleek black ceramic bezels – so no matter what colours your dad likes, TAG Heuer has you covered.

Two big updates to the 60s design icon include a new thinner, lighter “H-shaped” bracelet and the brand’s new Heuer 02 movement. First introduced in 2018, the Heuer 02 comprises 168 components, including a column wheel and a vertical clutch, and boasts a ‘turbocharged’ power reserve of 80 hours. The watch is better than it’s ever been, and there’s no perfect time to find one for the man in your life.

A TAG Heuer Carrera is the perfect Father’s Day gift: an investment, accessory and meaningful representation of your love and respect all rolled into one.

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