Timothee Chalamet Is Wearing The Suit You Should Never Wear To A Wedding

You want attention...but not this much attention.

There’s floral shade, floral themed and then there’s all-out floral – Timothee Chalamet style.

The 22-year-old actor stepped out over the weekend for the premiere of his latest film Beautiful Boy alongside Steve Carell, but it was the suit that garnered much of the spotlight.

Rocking the latest floral print single-breasted drop shoulder suit from Alexander McQueen’s 2018 collection, Chalamet took a page out of Harry Styles’ wardrobe whilst simultaneously wearing the statement suit that no man should ever try at a wedding. Attention is a good thing, but never to this extent – especially if it’s not your own wedding.

Chalamet paired the satin suit with a black v-neck shirt and black Louboutin Chelsea boots.

So how similar is Chalamet’s wardrobe to Styles’? We’ll let the gallery do the talking.