Clothes Men Need To Stop Wasting Their Money On

You really going out in that cape?

Every season, there arrive those fashion trends that are meant to add a little more hype to those menswear staples you already own. And, in the hunt for the latest and the greatest – whether shopping online or in store – it’s easy to become complacent, rest on your laurels, forgo common sense, and find yourself (post-retail binge) a victim of buyer’s remorse,

Not any more. Saving you from your costly self, here are seven wardrobe buys you should never waste your money on. Clear that shopping cart, put that thing back on the rack. And walk away. Like how your ex walked away from you. Ooft.

The ‘It-Looks-Good-On-A-Fashionable-Guy’ Buy

We have eyes for a reason. And in style, it’s all about looking and making a taste-driven judgement based on what we see. But, here’s were it gets tricky. While that teddy-bear fur jacket worn by an Instagram blogger during Paris fashion week might look work for some (or on McGregor), suppress that little voice inside your social-media head that says: “I’d look good in that.”

Fact is, you probably won’t. Nor will the occasion arise (often enough) to warrant such a not-your-style purchase. Save your pennies (and the precious room in your closet) for pieces you’ll wear at least once a week. While senseless ‘following’ might be ok in Insta-land, it’s not ok in the real world.

The ‘It’s-My-Size-So-I’ll-Buy & Not Try’ Purchase

Unless you’re restocking on an old t-shirt or jean fave, always try the piece on before you buy, even if you know you’re a M or a 32″ waist. For some reason, size does differ brand to brand, and there’s nothing more annoying than getting jeans in the mail, tearing open the box and slipping them on, only to discover you can’t get the button up or they are too big and a little saggy at the butt.

Not only will returning the jeans cost you time and a little bit of money (postage), some of you won’t actually get around to returning the piece out of pure busyness (laziness). Which is literally money down the drain.

The ‘Sale-Item-That’s-Not-Quite-My-Size’ Buy

That blazer you’ve been eyeing off for a month now is finally on sale. You want it.  But it’s an XL, and you’re an M (that size sold weeks ago). The other thing working against you? It’s on final reduction (thus, the incredible discount). That’s the problem. You can’t return it if you change your mind (and you will cause it doesn’t quite fit you, ok?)

Don’t be won over by the fact you love it and want it to fit. And don’t play the whole “isn’t oversized in” card. Put the jacket back on the rack and walk away. Instead, put the money you’re about to waste aside for a better blazer from the same brand (even if it means paying full price). At least you can wear this one cause it fits you.

The ‘I-Already-Own-Three-Versions-Of-It’ Buy

We get it. You like white sneakers. Or metallic aviators. Or navy Breton shirts. So before you go and buy another horizontal striped tee, consider the other three Avalon-esque tops you’ve got at home (do you really need a fourth?)

If you must buy one, head home with your new addition and throw away one of the older versions. At least this way, you can mask your shopping problem as a simple case of wardrobe upgrading. Nothing wrong with that (you addict).

The ‘Sufferance-Piece-That-Will-Kill-Me’ Buy

We’re not ones to suffer for fashion (athleisure and sportsluxe drove the final nail into the uncomfortable menswear coffin a while ago now). Beyond relaxed jeans and scoop neck tees comfort can also come down to fabric. We’re talking about that pure wool sweater or roll neck knit that you’ve tried on and looks great.

But, it itches you like crazy. Think about it, if it’s itchy (or pinchy or bitey) for five minutes you’ve spent in change room, imagine how your skin will feel after an hour or (don’t go there) a whole day’s wear? After one bad experience, that hairy, scary piece of clothing is going to look great on a hanger in your closet, at your wallet’s expense, but that’s about it.

The ‘Sales-Assistant-Made-Me-Do-It’ Buy

Don’t misread us, sales staff have their place, but sometimes it all gets a bit OTT, and soon enough you’re walking out of the store with a new style purchase that you kinda like. That’s not good enough. Your fashion buys should give you a buzz (retail therapy is called therapy for a reason) and a pressure-purchase just results in buyer’s remorse.

So, if the sales person says it looks good and you think so too (a flood of endorphins is usually a good sign), you can make the purchase. Otherwise, you’ll be dealing with a wardrobe full of half-loves. And unfortunately, piled together, they never quite make a full-love outfit. Can’t say no? Runaway from the retail assistant. Or, shop online.

The ‘It’s-A-Designer-Label’ Buy


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Weird flex but ok. Look, we’ve all been there. Our sense of good judgment eclipsed by a flashy brand name or designer label. While it’s nice to have a little bit of luxury in your life, a designer label doesn’t mean it will work for you, your lifestyle or complement your body shape or complexion.

Or worse, you could be swept off your feet by a tasteless logo print t-shirt or garish branded belt buckle, lacking any sense of original style. In the end, you’re left with a costly wardrobe malfunction.

Only buy designer when you understand what really works for you – then the investment can be worthwhile. And if you’ve already made the fashion mistake, try turning your bad choice into an investment. There’s always eBay.

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