Best Weekend Getaways In Victoria For Guys Who Need A Break

Beer trails, riverboats, snowsports, waterfalls, historic towns, and more are just a weekend away.

weekend getaways victoria

Work sucks, emails are piling up, every minor annoyance feels like a 10, you can’t remember the last meal you ate that didn’t come out of a box, and the last time you had a weekend away was… well, does binging old episodes of The X-Files and refusing to answer texts count?

Before you blow up at your boss or smash your head through a window, you need a break – stat.

Sydney gents, we’ve got you covered here. Melbourne men, you’re up next. These D’Marge-approved weekend getaways in Victoria will leave you feeling refreshed, recharged, well-fed, and ready to take on that boss in a perfectly reasonable tone of voice.