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Mercedes-AMG Unleash Their Latest Pair Of Performance SUVs

The Mercedes-AMG era is inching closer towards lineup domination with the unveiling of two new performance SUVs

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The Mercedes-AMG era is inching closer towards lineup domination with the unveiling of a new GLC63 SUV and coupe variant in the Silver Arrows’ iconic performance trim.

The family-friendly duo will see primary upgrades in the engine department with the proven Mercedes-AMG twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8 slotting into both models. That equates to 469hp (350kW) and 650Nm of torque on tap for the base models.

Those who are still power hungry can opt for the GLC63 S, the coupe-only model which pushes total power output to 503hp (375kW) and 700Nm of torque.


Given that great power comes great noise for your neighbours, Mercedes-AMG have installed adjustable flaps to the exhaust which can curb unwanted noise. Those adding the optional AMG Performance exhaust will also be glad to know that it comes with a button to open or close this flap on demand.

Helping put down the power to all four wheels is a limited-slip differential available as standard on all GLC63s. The S model again receives a more potent option with a faster electronically controlled differential.

In the comfort stakes the Mercedes-AMG twins also score some brownie points with independent air suspension and adjustable damping through a drive mode selector. In this case the Sport+ on the GLC63 and RACE mode on the GLC63 S will stiffen suspension and keep drivers suspended the happy rev-range for maximum response.

Don’t believe us? Watch the teaser for the GLC63 below complete with a throaty soundtrack.


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