'Most Pure G-Wagen Ever' Goes Up For Sale In Sydney… & It's Unbelievably Tough

The most legit 4x4 you can drive without joining the army.

'Most Pure G-Wagen Ever' Goes Up For Sale In Sydney… & It's Unbelievably Tough

Blackwater spec: the 2018 Mercedes-Benz G300 CDi Professional. Image: Classic Throttle Shop

Here at DMARGE, we love a G-Class (or, as the kids call them, a G-Wagen). Mercedes-Benz’s iconic, tough-as-nails 4×4 is an automotive icon – and an enduring one, especially considering it’s barely changed in the four decades or so that it’s been in production.

We love G-Wagens of all forms. From the rapper-spec Mercedes-Maybach G 650 Landaulet to the classic two-door G 230 and of course, proper mil-spec G-Classes – they’re all equally valid in our eyes.

Actually, that’s not true. Because we’ve stumbled across a mint example of what’s easily the purest G-Wagen ever: this 2018 G 300 CDi Professional. Short of enlisting in the Australian Army and specialising as a driver, this is the toughest and most legit 4×4 you can hope to drive (or indeed own) as a civilian. This ain’t no Toorak tractor.

“The 2018 Mercedes-Benz G 300 Professional is a stripped out civilian version of the G-Wagens supplied to the ADF, a back-to-basics vehicle in the best possible way and a last hurrah before its replacement arrived,” Sydney-based dealer Classic Throttle Shop explains.

Check out the ‘poverty spec’ interior. Windy windows! Image: Classic Throttle Shop

This tough off-roader stands out like a sore thumb among the rest of Classic Throttle Shop’s inventory, which mostly consists of vintage exotic sports cars.

“As standard, the G Professional includes a bull bar, snorkel, fog lights and black-painted 16-inch alloy wheels with all-terrain tyres. And, befitting its workhorse job description, the vehicles comes a water drain plug in the floor (there are rubber mats in lieu of carpeting) so you can hose out the cabin after a cross-Simpson dash. The interior is barebones too [as] unlike the mainstream versions of the G, the Professional wagon has a four-seat layout with walk-through access to the luggage compartment.”

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“In keeping with the Professional’s intended purpose is a 96-litre fuel tank, two 12-volt batteries, tyre-pressure warning system, dirty air-filter warning, brake pad wear indicator for the front axle brake, headlight and indicator stone guards, and radiator and oil sump shields…. [Other features include a] walk-on bonnet, electric door mirrors, roof rack, heat-insulated and tinted glass behind the B-pillar, side running boards, towbar, a headlight cleaning system, heated leather seats and a radio/CD player.”

Those last two features are perhaps the only touches of luxury this beast bestows upon its driver… Oh, and unlike most G-Wagens you’d see on the street in Australia (which are usually AMG models with forced-induction petrol V8s or V12s), the G 300 Professional is powered by a much more humble 3.0L turbo diesel V6 good for around 135kW and 400Nm of torque. It’s a bit more practical.

Its military DNA is apparent when you check out the luggage compartment. Image: Classic Throttle Shop

It’s very much the definition of less is more – especially when it comes to its asking price; a rather hefty $144,995. Sure, that’s a lot cheaper than a new G-Class, prices for which start at $233,900, but a new one has significantly more creature comforts than this bad boy. But that’s besides the point, isn’t it?

As Classic Throttle Shop puts it, “it’s a slice of history, and you’d have a bonafide collector’s item on your hands as a significantly overhauled G-Wagen (rumoured to gain independent front suspension) is due to debut next year.” They conclude:

“A 4×4 that harks back to the ‘good old days’ when Land Rovers and 40 Series Land Cruisers didn’t need a track, just a compass bearing – this last of, best of and mint condition G 300 Professional is a very savvy choice.”

The real question is this: would you store it, or use it to its full capacity for some proper 4x4ing? We know what we’d do…

Check it out online here or at its Carsales listing.

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