Travis Scott G Wagen Is Lotta Hell Yeah


Travis Scott G Wagen Is Lotta Hell Yeah

Travis Scott is one of the hip-hop world’s most underrated style icons, and his latest vehicular flex proves he’s the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to 90s-inspired style.

Yesterday, Scott (real name Jacques Webster) shared a pair of Polaroids showing him relaxing against his convertible Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen 4×4 – which he’s just installed with eye-catching mirror-style rims – resplendent in an archival Stussy t-shirt, cargo pants, Nike Dunk sneakers and just some of his outrageous jewelry collection.

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Scott is clearly a fan of the G-Wagen, as he owns two: this black one and another khaki Maybach model worth a tidy $1.4 million. Both his G-Wagens have drop-tops – the venerable off-roader, which has been in production for over forty years, is only one of a handful of SUVs available with a factory convertible option. It’s high praise for the German automobile, considering Scott has quite the car collection: other members of his stable include the Bugatti Chiron, Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari 488, as well as multiple Range Rovers.

We suspect he likes the G-Wagen so much because the retro SUV matches Scott’s retro style perfectly. The SICKO MODE rapper has long been a champion of 90s style, regularly spotted in flannels, oversized t-shirts, and retro Nike sneakers. ‘La Flame’ has a number of signature Nike models, including Air Jordan 1, 4 and 6s; multiple Air Force 1 collabs, Air Max 270 Reacts and of course Dunks (although the Dunk His he’s wearing in this photo aren’t one of his signature models – he just really likes Dunks).

Scott’s unique sartorial skill is pulling off baggy cargo pants. Scott’s aesthetic has always been inspired by military looks – his favourite colour pallet is informed by olive drabs and camos – and the ‘tactical’ trousers he’s often spotted with have become a hallmark of his style. This latest photo is further evidence of his surprisingly good taste, not only in cars but in fashion: the archival Stussy tee is an inspired choice, and pairs unexpectedly well with the rest of his ensemble.

In a world where so many musicians just throw money at designer brands and brag about not having to employ a stylist (when sometimes they probably should), Scott stands out. He’s got a distinct personal style which sets him apart from the pack without being too ostentatious… Well, he leaves the ‘being ostentatious’ part to his bling and his cars.

The jury’s still out on what shines the most here: his car’s new rims, his chain, or the great outfit.

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