Drake Mocked For Wearing ‘Lothario’ Outfit To Raptors Game

When playing it safe backfires.

Drake Mocked For Wearing ‘Lothario’ Outfit To Raptors Game

It’s a hard life being a celebrity. You’re in the public eye 24/7, with every move you make being commented on, with both positive and negative reactions. The clothes they choose to wear provide consistent debatable conversation, especially on photo-sharing social platforms such as Instagram.

Drake is the latest celeb to come under the style microscope, with the rather ‘basic’ outfit he chose to wear whilst commentating courtside at a Toronto Raptors vs Phoenix Suns NBA game on February 22nd, 2020, receiving its fair share of criticism. Champagne Papi was seen wearing a Chrome Hearts light wash denim jacket with silk and lamb leather lining – yours for US$7,250 – paired with black jeans and a pair of white Nike Air Force 1s – US$90.

Chrome Hearts is a Los Angeles-based label founded in 1988 by Richard Stark that produces high-end silver jewellery, along with clothing, furniture, incense, and sunglasses. The brand has collaborated with various other designers and models, such as Commes des Garçons and Bella Hadid, for limited edition collections. You can’t buy pieces direct from the company’s website, but there are a number of stores in America, Europe, and Asia.

To us, it’s a perfectly executed outfit. with the double denim look being spot on thanks to the two contrasting shades. Drake has clearly also read our how to wear white sneakers with black jeans style guide. However, Instagram has been quick to call him out and criticise his choices.

“Drakes makes everything look uncool”, says one user, while others add that he’s a “tool” and a “try-hard, with zero style”. Many users consider his Nike sneakers are too big as well, with comments ranging from “he makes those forces look corny af”, to “nothing worse than too big forces.”

“That was so basic.”

Simon97l goes further, calling out Drake’s style choices within the hip-hop industry, “I don’t like his hair cut [and] I don’t like the way he dresses… their [sic] is something about his personality that is not hip hop. There is no spark as you look at Jay Z, Nas the Jadakiss his attitude is too R&B.”

There’s clearly no pleasing some people.

However, it’s not all bad news for the One Dance singer, as one user is quick to jump to his defence, claiming Drizzy’s outfit to be “the best I’ve seen him wear”.

And we’d agree, it’s an outfit we’d be perfectly happy wearing (if not every day). So we’re firmly #TeamDrake on this one. But yes: we’ll admit it is slowly becoming the ensemble of choice for your home-brand f*ckboi or wannabe lothario.

You have been warned.