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Here’s How To Get Big Without Going Broke

Adjust to your circumstances and find a way to make it work.

I’ll be honest. I’m I’m always asked, “Scotty, how do I get big when I can’t afford a gym membership and all this food?”.

If you really want something, you’re going to make it happen

Today, I’ll be addressing those concerns. As with anything in life, if you really want something then you are going to make it happen. Think about when you were a kid wanting to play video games.

You would finish all your homework as fast as you could to get to that controller. Ironically, if you get asked to do something you’re not keen on doing, then a normal response would be: “I’m really busy, I don’t have the time”

These same principles apply to health and fitness. Regardless of the cards we are dealt, we are all capable of adjusting to the circumstances and finding a way to make it work.

“There’s a vast difference between not having enough money to eat, and simply just not having a budget in place to ensure you’re eating correctly.”

Let’s further address the matter with some figures.

  • In Sydney, a cup of coffee starts at approximately $3.50
  • Weekly Gym Memberships are sold as low as $7.95/week

Conclusion: Spending habits can always be reassessed. Do you really need that third Cappuccino?


If gym access is a limitation, be grateful that health and fitness is not defined by four walls and a bunch of steel. See my recent guide to getting ripped without a gym membership.

Find a hill, visit a local park, go for a bush walk, use your body! Last time I checked, pushups, sit-ups and squats didn’t require any additional equipment. Or do the majority of movements found in my hardcore training program.

In consideration of food it’s important to budget, plan and remain consistent. There’s a vast difference between not having enough money to eat, and simply just not having a budget in place to ensure you’re eating correctly.

Most people who tell me they “just don’t have enough money to spend on eating the right foods”, funnily enough, seem to be spending it on other vices like alcohol and gambling. Ain’t that funny?

Again I only have one thing to say and that is, if you really want something, then you are going to make it happen. It only takes the essentials, to ensure you’re on the right path.


If your goal is important to you, you will always find a way to make it happen. The question is not “can I afford it?” but simply, “how badly do you want it?”

Scott Evennett is a health, fitness and mindset expert who has served in the Australian Special Operations Command (SOCOMD) as an Australian Commando


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