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David Beckham Spotted In London Wearing ‘The People’s Rolex’

It’s not a Rolex but it’s close.

He’s renowned as as one of the world’s most supportive celebrity dads and this week David Beckham once again proved it whilst sitting front row at the Victoria Beckham collection launch during London Fashion Week.

Black on black on Black Bay

On his lap was his daughter Harper but what got our attention was Becks’ choice of wristwear – the watch we’re calling ‘The People’s Rolex’.

Why so? Because Tudor is the sister company to Rolex and it offers many of the prestigious name’s aesthetic DNA without the heart-stopping price tag and three year wait times. That’s not to say that the Tudor is a bad watch. It’s just a more accessible Rolex and in our opinion can look just as good (Tudor Black Bay like his, anyone?).

TUDOR Black Bay – 41 mm steel case with polished and satin finish

The Tudor Black Bay on a black leather strap proved to be the perfect combination to Beckham’s simple and classic black suit. Not much fanfare was required here but during the after party Beckham switched it up into a white tee, camel overcoat and charcoal trousers.

The full suit complete with knitted black tie & Anna Wintour

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  • Marc Campos

    Well he’s one of Tudors brand ambassadors and a paid to wear the brand so it makes sense why he’d be wearing a BB instead of a Submariner.

  • Holtzmueller

    It is not a Rolex by a long mile: it uses the ETA generic movement.

  • T. Myles

    Most Black Bay use an in house movement not the ETA. Not the same as Rolex, but that’s part of the price difference isn’t it.

  • Trevor O’Donnell

    No they stopped using eta movements, tudor now produces it’s own in house movements

  • alfazefirus

    Nope. MT5602 manufacture movement. Try again.

  • daviecrockett

    A Citizen EcoDrive is more accurate, more robust, doesn’t need continuous wearing not to stop, never needs a battery, looks better. The downside of course is it costs less than €200, so you can’t impress the grovelling herds.

  • John Pearson

    I’m not sure that either Tudor or Rolex would be happy with this article. Both excellent brands in their own right servicing various parts of the market.

  • Marcus Sands

    Chips O’Toole is a tool. Why do think Lady Gaga and Beckham are brand ambassadors? They stand behind the brand and its world class movement. Plus they’re a magnificent watch, less expensive and without the spanker Rolex stigma

  • Lee Cole

    Actually use in there in house movement.
    They use breitlings in house chrono in there chrono

  • Lee Cole


  • Greg Maxim

    A citizen eco drive is Japanese junk. The only reason you say this is because you can’t afford a Tudor or a Rolex. Shut the fuck up kohls/jc Penney watch shopper.

  • dontbemean

    lol I wear a $400 replica of a $20k watch and no one has yet known the difference. you mad bro?

  • Anthony Luke

    Wear what you enjoy. Spending thousands of dollars just to get the approval of others is idiotic. If you can afford it and enjoy it be happy. If not just do you and ignore the little minded folk.

  • Marc Campos

    Plot twist the ETA version will be more valuable and desirable in the future due to it being thinner and collectors love the smiley face dial compared to the in-house version.

  • Julius Swerving

    And you’re proud of wearing an illegal fake?

    Sounds like you want to give people an impression of wealth.

  • Julius Swerving

    You may have been right a couple years ago. But not anymore.

  • Paulo Gaeta

    The real people’s Rolex is a knock off from Hong Kong that you buy for 10 dollars in Asia

  • Jack Stevens

    Poor man’s Rolex. No If’s or but’s

  • James

    Actually, there’s really nothing wrong with the “ETA generic movement”. It’s tried and tested, reliable, can be serviced pretty much anywhere and parts are freely available.

    A new in-house movement, on the other hand, is more difficult to service, most likely has to be sent back to a special service point, takes much longer and is much more expensive – plus doesn’t have a proven track record of reliability.

    However, it does sound more impressive to say “in-house movement” rather than “generic ETA movement”… I just question whether it’s worth it.


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