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New Intimacy Survey Reveals Millennials’ Hidden Sexual Desires

Hot take.

Artificial intelligence. Data gathering. Internet cookies. Threesomes? However you slice it, we live in a New Tech World, in which your most forbidden desires may now be on display.

If your lustful preferences match your generation’s, SKYN’s 2019 Intimacy Survey scientists know more about your sex life than you do—and they didn’t even need Cambridge Analytica to find out.

Before we get into the juicy deets; a quick rundown on how the factoids sex-toids were gleaned. Essentially SKYN, an uber soft, non-latex condom brand, hired a “private third-party research firm” to ask 1,000 nationally representative Gen Z (18-22) adults and 1,000 nationally representative Millennials (23-38) a host of questions about their bedroom habits.


Here’s what they found.

60% Fantasise About Threesomes

Assuming the survey respondents really were “representative” of their generation, 32% of Millennials and Gen Z adults are open to having a threesome (but have never had one), while 31% winked at the questionnaire and said, “Been there, done that.”

However, Not Many Have Actually Had One

Despite this hankering for a third wheel, it turns out 69% (insert quip here) of Millennials have never actually had a threesome. That said, as only 38% said they would not consider it, we could see these figures change for the sexier.

Most Desire A Well-Sized Appendage…

Whether small or big we’ll leave up to your imagination, but 65% of respondents say that “penis size is important.”

Half Can’t Get Enough ‘Doggystyle’

57% said Doggystyle was their favourite sex position, with missionary coming in behind at 46%, and cowgirl at 30%.

Foreplay Is Important—Especially For Blondes

88% of blonde survey respondents said that “setting the mood” was crucial.

People With Black Hair Expect More Orgasms?

According to the survey, 43% of Millennials and Gen Z respondents with black hair have multiple orgasms per “session”.

Masturbating Is No Longer Taboo

Stats show, on average, people engage in 3 ‘self-love’ sessions a week.


The survey also revealed a number of other interesting findings, less to do with desires and more to do with habits:

  • 18: the average age respondents had lost their virginity.
  • 12: the average number of sexual partners respondents had had in a lifetime.
  • 9: the average number of times respondents had sex a month.
  • 28: the average duration of a single sex session.
  • 44% had used vibrators.
  • 27% had used dildos.
  • 25% had used handcuffs.
  • 32% sometimes use lube, 30% never use it, 26% rarely use it and 12% always use it.
  • 50% have used DM’s on social media to sext.
  • 37% have filmed themselves having sex.

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