The Average Penis Size In Australia Isn’t As Big As You Think

How do you measure up?

The Average Penis Size In Australia Isn’t As Big As You Think

If you’ve found yourself asking the question “what is the average penis size in Australia?” then you’re in the right place.

We guarantee virtually all men have wondered just how they measure up in the penis department. And if you search online, you’re usually presented with contradictory information.

To determine once and for all the average penis size in Australia is, you need to be looking for studies that collate a vast amount of data (occasionally this data is self-reported) from men who have been comfortable grabbing a measuring tape and measuring their penis in the name of science.

Fortunately, that study exists and it stands erect above all others to provide the answers you seek, and it found the average penis size in Australia is 5.24 inches (13.28cm). If you’re wondering how Australia measures up with the rest of the world, you can find a comparison table here. One quick look and it’s apparent Australia falls far behind countries such as Congo and Ecuador, with average sizes of 7.05 and 6.7-inches, respectively.

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Average Penis Size

It’s not uncommon for men to suffer from anxiety when it comes to talking about their penis. The vast majority of our worries our influenced by online porn, where it pays to be particularly well-endowed. These worries only intensify if your online viewing habits turn into porn addiction.

When you consider the penis usually stops growing around the age of 18, meaning whatever you’re bestowed with is what you’re going to have for the rest of your life (sidenote: it can even shrink as you get older) then it can immediately become clear why so many men feel concerned about the size of their member.

Average Penis Size Study For Australia

You’re going to find a wealth of information when you search for the average penis size in Australia and around the world, but the only study you should be taking note of comes from the British Journal of Urology. The BJU’s study collated data from 17 academic papers and was first published in 2015 and set out to determine the average “flaccid and erect penis length and circumference in up to 15,521 men.”

Health professionals recorded penis measurements, which is one of the key factors that makes the BJU study so trustworthy. Other studies looking into average penis size may use self-reported data, so there is great potential for some men to not record an accurate result. This could largely be due to them thinking their size is either small, or below average. The irony is off the charts.

Average Flaccid Penis Size

Average flaccid penis length was determined to be 3.61-inches (9.16 cm) and average flaccid circumference is 3.66-inches (9.31 cm). If you find you don’t quite measure up with these, don’t get too worked up about it. Flaccid penis length and circumference don’t always indicate your erect size – ever heard of the phrase grower vs shower? – and of course doesn’t influence your sexual performance.

Average Erect Penis Size

Image: British Journal of Urology

This is the information you’re looking for. The average global erect penis size is 5.16-inches (13.12 cm) and average erect circumference was found to be 4.59-inches (11.66 cm). If your dick size is longer and thicker than these, then congratulations, you’re going to be in a minority of men. If you don’t quite measure up, it’s really not the end of the world.

The graph above shows which percentile each average penis length falls into. If you take a 6-inch (15.24cm) erect penis, for example, this graph shows it falls around the 90th percentile. This means, for every 100 men, only 10 would have a penis around 6-inches or larger.

When Is A Penis Too Small?

According to Medical News Today, a separate study looking into average penis size (and which found a different figure to that of the BJU) concluded “only men with a flaccid length of less than 4cm (1.6 in), or a stretched or erect length of less than 7.5 cm (3 in) should be considered candidates for penile lengthening.”

What is Micropenis

Micropenis is an official medical term given when a penis is well under the ‘normal’ size range and is usually diagnosed at birth.

According to Healthline, a “male infant’s genitalis develop in response to certain hormones, mainly androgens. If his body doesn’t produce enough androgens or if the body doesn’t respond normally to androgen production, one result can be a micropenis, also called a microphallus.”

A micropenis still functions as a regular penis, i.e. men can still urinate and get an erection. In adult males, a micropenis is determined if the stretched penile length is 3.67-inches or less.

How To Measure Your Penis

If you’re interested to find out how you measure up, and you’re one of, what we would imagine to be, the very few men who haven’t already got out their measuring tape, then you need to know there is a right and a wrong way to go about it.

To measure your penis, get yourself a fabric measuring tape or a piece of string, and measure along the top side of your penis. Push the tape measure or string into your pubic bone to get past any fat being stored. Some men may measure along the side or the base of their penis, but this will provide a skewed result.

If you’re using string, mark the point where the string meets the tip of the glans (the head of the penis) and use a ruler to determine your size.

To measure the circumference of your penis, wrap a measuring tape or string around the widest part of your penis. This is usually at the base, or in the middle.

What Size Penis Do Women Prefer?

Due to the influence of porn, many men believe that women desire a big penis in order to be sexually satisfied, but that isn’t always the case.

Sure, you’ll likely come across size queens in your sexual escapades, but one study found 77% of females found penis length to be unimportant or totally unimportant, while 21% said the exact opposite. A separate study found 45 out of 50 sexually active undergraduate females determined girth to be more important than length for sexual satisfaction.

A 2015 study asked 75 women to select their ideal penis size from 33 possible dimensions. The ideal penis size differed depending on whether they were selecting for a long-term partner or a more casual encounter.

For long-term sexual partners, a desired length of 6.3-inches (16cm) was determined and a girth of 4.8-inches (12.2cm). For one-time sexual partners, these measurements increased slightly to 6.4-inches (16.3cm) for length and 5-inches (12.7cm) for girth.

And if that isn’t enough to convince you on women’s preferences, an OnlyFans model has come out and said she definitely doesn’t like anything too big.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Despite damning evidence that could cause men to find out they’re actually above average in size, the influence of online porn is so great that many men will still think about penis enlargement surgery.

Ultimately, penis enlargement surgery and the use of penis fillers is discouraged as it could cause problems achieving an erection and other sexual-performanced-related problems later down the line.

The bottom line? Try to worry less about the size of your member and focus more on working with what you’ve got. If you’ve got some busy hands or a tantalising tongue, then foreplay in the bedroom is your best form of attack.

Most commonly asked questions about the penis size and shape

What is the average size of a penis?

The average size of an erect penis is 5.16 inches (13.12 cm) in length and 4.59 inches (11.66 cm) in circumference.

How can I increase the size of my penis?

There is no guaranteed way to increase the size of the penis. Some people try penis enlargement exercises or devices, but there is no scientific evidence that these methods are effective.

Can a bent penis be straightened?

In some cases, a bent penis can be corrected through surgery. However, not all bent penises require surgery and there are also non-surgical methods such as penile traction therapy that can be used to improve the curvature.

What are the causes of a curved or bent penis?

A curved or bent penis can be caused by a condition called Peyronie’s disease, which is characterized by the formation of fibrous scar tissue inside the penis. Other causes include injury or trauma to the penis, congenital conditions, and erectile dysfunction.

Is it normal to have a small penis?

Penis size varies greatly and what is considered “small” is subjective. According to medical studies, a penis is considered small if it is less than 3 inches (7.6 cm) in length when erect. However, size does not affect sexual function or pleasure and most people are able to have fulfilling sexual experiences regardless of penis size.