A ‘Small’ Piece Of Advice For All Men, From An OnlyFans Model

"Average is best, is what you're saying?"

A ‘Small’ Piece Of Advice For All Men, From An OnlyFans Model

Image: @itsemilyblack

Forget about asking “what is the meaning of life?” and other nonsensical questions, we’ve now found the answer to the most important question in a man’s life: does d**k size, matter?

For all the egotistical talk men like to give about their performance in the bedroom, we’d wager a good majority will still have the niggling thought of “is she (or he) judging my size?” In reality, men shouldn’t have much to worry about, considering the average penis size in Australia is 5.16-inches. According to research, only a small minority of men can genuinely have bragging rights in the locker room.

But while the question of “how do I measure up?” can be answered relatively simply through research, it doesn’t answer the other lingering one “does she care?” Well, we now (sort of) have an answer to that one, taken from a clip from The Fellas Podcast (you can watch the full video here) that puts the question to British OnlyFans model Emily Black (who offers size ratings on her account), does size matter?

Straight out the block, Emily strikes fear into the hearts of men everywhere by saying “size does matter.” But she quickly follows this up with “too big is not okay,” allowing a huge sigh of relief to carry around the world. She adds if it’s about as thick as her forearm (the average girth of an erect member in Australia is 4.59-inches) and “Sky remote kind of length” (21cm/8.2-inches for all you numbers fans) “no, no, no, no, no.”

So, what is the perfect size for her? Fortunately, Emily reveals all. “Five or six inches, not too girthy.” She also admits that this size is “average,” and has the knowledge of doing her own research to back it up.

To confirm, one of the hosts asks “average is best, is what you’re saying?” to which she replies a resounding, “yes.”

Emily also admits that one guy was too small, so much so, that she doesn’t include them in her “body count.” But, this is predominantly because he had such a huge ego and bigged himself up so much, yet wasn’t able to walk the walk where it counted.

Unfortunately for some men, while they may still have been included in a woman’s body count, they have still been subjected to some rather humilating comments. One Australian man, for example, told the Bloody Brilliant Beers podcast, that a girl he was hooking up with asked “is that it?” in reference to what he was packing.

Emily’s comments were backed up in the comments section too, with one user saying, “Don’t worry lads, I prefer the smaller ones to the big ones, 5-7 inches and knowing how to use it. To most ladies, girth is more preferable than length.”

A man also commented, saying, “When I found out the average size is about 5 inches I felt pretty good about myself. But what really matters is girth not length. If your at least 6 inches but girthy your better than being longer but skinny.”

The takeaway here gents, is that if you do ever have concerns about your manhood, either tell yourself you have nothing to worry about, learn how to use it better or, if you really get stuck, get yourself some viagra. It won’t give you extra inches, but you’ll be able to go for longer.

There you have it: tackling the hard topics, one issue at a time…

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