How A Small Penis Impacts A Relationship

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How A Small Penis Impacts A Relationship

Relationships all require a little give and take. But what’s a man to do when he is… ahem… “short staffed”? Work harder? Improvise? Be honest about his insecurities? How ’bout: “hide it for as long as possible, then sue his wife for (anonymously) asking an internet forum for advice, thus bringing himself even more attention?”

That is the situation one unfortunate, vindictive (and rather short-sighted) newlywed husband recently found himself in, unwittingly proving what’s really important in a relationship in the progress. But before we get into all that: what exactly happened?

As the man’s short-suffering wife explains on Reddit, “(My) newlywed husband (32M) wanted to wait until marriage for sex and just surprised me (27F) with a micropenis on the honeymoon.”

“We only dated for six months… (were) engaged for another six and just got married on Saturday. I literally just got back from my honeymoon a couple hours ago. My husband isn’t a religious guy, he just says he is ‘old fashioned’… We got close to fooling around a couple times… but he always stopped after it went ‘too far’.”

“Am I the asshole for being upset that I waited until my wedding night to find out that he probably isn’t as ‘old fashioned’ as he says he is?”, the wife continued; “I’m not going to shame him and honestly I don’t even know how I’ll broach the topic… I just acted like nothing was out of the ordinary and went to town with him, but…I dunno… This was unexpected, to say the least.”

“I kind of feel lied to. Like a halftruth…or something was intentionally withheld from me.”

While some Redditors asked her what she expected, marrying someone she had only known for a year (“if size was important to you should have snuck a peek”), others were more sympathetic: “I think this goes beyond size being important. Most women are happy with their man’s peen even if it’s below average is size. She probably didn’t even consider the possibility…”

And—of course—there were a few jabs of humour in the mix too: “Definitely seems dishonest to lie about such a little thing.” But then, just days later, reports started coming out of a “husband threatening to sue after wife tells internet he has a micropenis.”

Sound familiar? Damn right it does, because guess what? Mr Micro saw his wife’s Reddit post and thought the best way to live down the embarrassment would be to threaten a public lawsuit… Or, as Mrs Micro revealed in a follow up Reddit entry, “Says he wants an annulment and is considering suing me for defamation of character.”

Cruel? Yes.

Intelligent? No.

Here’s his ‘justification’, as told by his wife: “He says it’s only a matter of time before someone leaks his name. He saw the post through an old friend of his who knew he had a micropenis and saw on his FB that he had just gotten married. He doesn’t know who else the guy has told… I feel like I am the asshole. He is crushed that I posted about him.”

She also reveals how she confronted him about intentionally keeping his ‘situation’ from her, to which he claimed, “He wanted to talk before the wedding but feared it being called off because of his micropenis and said if both families found out/gossiped about it he would be crushed… Which is basically what I did with the entire world via Reddit.”

In other words: he hid it because he knew it might change her decision to marry him. Whilst his concern is understandable, his actions are not as a) even if effective they are unethical and manipulative and b) they were clearly never going to work ‘long term’.

So unless his end goal was simply to extort her, Mr Micro seems lacking in more than one department… But enough of that—what does this saga teach us?

As many point out, this story proves what is really important in a relationship is not your equipment (or lack of it), but your sense of trust. As Mrs Micro said in the begginning—it wasn’t the micropenis that bothered her; it was the lack of honesty.

So when comments like, “He could have been honest,” came rolling in, Mrs Micro felt duly justified in her anonymous mission. Because after all: even if it’s hard to do, you owe it to the person you’re dating (especially if you’re getting serious) the chance to be honest with you. And they can’t do that if you haven’t shown them your true self—micro-peen and all.

“As much as it sucks having people reject you for it when you’ve just met them, does not suck as much as ending up in a long term relationship and then losing them. Be honest up front, you might unnecessarily scare someone off; but better to be honest.”

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