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Hugh Jackman’s Latest Workout Reveals The Secret To Staying Ripped In Your 50’s

Want that ‘rugged gentleman’ physique? Look no further.

Hugh Jackman’s latest workout proves middle age doesn’t have to come with a beer gut. To the contrary: Wolverine’s transition from demi-devil to casually ripped 50-year-old proves that — even though you might not have the ‘bulking’ capacity of your younger self — there’s no excuse for letting yourself go in your 50s.

Hugh Jackman’s playful gym attitude also reveals the secret to maintaining your success — and rippling muscles — over time: having fun. As the recent workout routines on the Australian actor’s Instagram page attest, this could involve anything from training with a mate (and taking commentary from hecklers)…


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Gym heckler!!! #dogpound #bri #cameo

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To ‘recovering’ between sets by dancing around with Childish Gambino…


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And chucking a medicine ball around as if it was a soft and cuddly volleyball doesn’t hurt either.


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The down to earth actor mastered the subtle art of not giving a f*ck before it was even a book, and made a name for himself by looking stylishly masculine, not taking himself too seriously, and possessing a healthy dollop of simmering rage which he channelled into films as diverse as Wolverine to Les Miserables.

This attitude has also kept him fighting fit into his late forties and fifties (he turns 51 in October), as you can see below.


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Men and woman of all ages have been inspired by Jackman’s honest (“as painful as it looks”) and playful gym posts, making comments like “I wanna try this today”, “respect” and “you are my hero”.



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Want to join the ‘jacked man’ club? Try something new; spice up your workout today.

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  • shaker

    So social media during gym time is the answer? Wtf.

  • Leonidas Michailidis

    Yeah work all day a normal job and then go to the gym to get ripped !!! Sorry m8 that’s for wolverine actors and ppl with enough spare time only.

  • James

    If you’ve got it, flaunt it 😉

  • Marty Kane

    He took drugs for x-men that’s a fact. However all these workouts you see are bogus anyway and getting in shape isn’t all that hard and its fun and satisfying. Overhead press, chins and dips, also get strong at bw chins, bw dips, push ups, leg raises and bw back extensions and also get good at running and you will look good. You only need to be at tye gym twice a week to progress and there is no need for suppulments or any special deiets. You can eat buns and cake.


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