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Wimbledon Champion Dylan Alcott’s Insane Arm Workout Will Probably Make You Hurl

Two match-winning guns coming right up.

We’d all like arms like pythons but the reality is often more twig-like. Emulate Dylan Alcott’s bicep-busting workout, however, and you’ll be battle-rope ready in no time.

The Australian wheelchair tennis star, basketball champion, beanie wearer and Triple J radio host recently posted a video to Instagram showing how he gets his match-winning guns.


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“30 mins of this on repeat equals vomit on-court territory,” Dylan said, “Bring on the US Open baby.”

This comes after a number of other workout posts, as the Paralympian ramps up his training in anticipation of each big upcoming event in a jam-packed schedule.


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Whether it’s hitting the pads or shaking the battle rope, there’s a lot of inspiration an arm-building gent can take from Mr Alcott (not to mention an inspirational outlook on life).

And the people of Instagram clearly want to see more: from “in a singlet next time please” to “go hard big dog” the appreciative comments keep rolling in.

As for his secret to explosive arm strength? Judging by these workouts we are calling it consistency and intensity.

Not only that, but as one savvy commenter pointed out, Alcott’s bursts of training give us an even broader lesson in sport: “in moments of pressure, you don’t rise to the occasion – you sink to the level of your training.” In other words: he (or she) who trains best wins.

Words Dylan Alcott lives by. And if you want bigger arms – or simply to perform at a higher level – ones you should live by too.

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