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Entitled Passenger Rant Reveals Ridiculous Business Class Standards Of 2019

Cry me a pancetta.

“I do not think, therefore I am a moustache”: few works of literature tweak the brain like Sartre’s Nausea. However, one business class passenger’s reaction to his burnt British Airways breakfast has just surpassed the fatalist author.

In fact, from The Independent to The Daily Mail, this ‘dodgy sandwich saga’ has sparked a new genre of absurd existentialist literature – an earnest enquiry into declining business class standards.

Never mind that business class privacy improves with every press release. Never mind that airlines (British Airways included) are in a constant cycle of pointy end refinement. Never mind the hidden benefits of business class and first class.

No, one burnt sandwich proves everything is cooked (as in, dude stumbling around a festival, not woodfired oven). The worst part is, it’s not even that burnt (give me this over an undercooked one any day).


Anyway: context. As The Independent reported on Thursday, “A British Airways passenger called his business class breakfast ‘disgusting’ after being served a burnt-looking cheese and tomato toastie.”


“[The passenger] was flying on flight 208 from Miami to London Heathrow on 21 November when he was served the disappointing meal.”

“He posted a picture of the offending toastie to Facebook group British Airways Complaints Advice, writing: ‘Cabin crew agreed that it was an insult and I could get better food on Ryanair,'” The Independent added.

“The business class seats on BA are bad enough but the food now really takes the P.”

Social media users sympathised, writing comments like, “I flew on ba206 on 14th and had the same burnt cheese on that for breakfast… business class… is well below an acceptable standard” and “the 747s should have been mothballed years ago.”

“If th[is] was business class, what did the poor soul at the back get?!”

British Airways told The Independent it received “no complaints about the food on this particular flight, either from customers – including Mr Allen – or crew.”

“We pride ourselves on the quality of the meals we offer onboard and have heavily invested in our catering, in all cabins… We have not received any complaints regarding the catering on this flight.”

So, who to believe? Well, given our fondness of crispy toast, and the recent trend of tourists using reviews to seek unentitled compensation (see: the couple that blackmailed a luxury Italian hotel, and the influencer who tried to wheedle a free upgrade), we’re inclined to go with the airline.

Not that you should suffer in silence, but when you criticise, keep your language in perspective (and remember the optics of whinging when most people are elbow to elbow in economy). In August, for instance, another British Airways passenger illustrated this exact point, complaining about being served an “absolutely disgusting” breakfast on a £1,200 long-haul flight.


As reported by The Independent, “Sandra Arthur, from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, was travelling from O’Hare International Airport in Chicago to London Heathrow when she was given the ‘soggy’ bruschetta with egg and cheese.”

Cry me a pancetta.

That said, it is true that British Airways’ once cutting edge business class is now a laggard (hence their decision to roll out the club suite next year, to compete with the likes of Qatar’s Qsuites and Virgin Atlantic’s Upper-Class Suites).

But all airlines occasionally make a cuisine related blunder. So, for the sake of everyone’s sanity, please keep your outrage in check so that we don’t all become victims of improving airline standards.

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  • Aparna Deshmukh

    I totally agree. On my recent flight to Istanabul, BA business class seats , food and drinks are a joke. Best fly Emirates. They know how to take care of their customers. First class service, food and drinks.
    The idea of a BA business class seat from London to Istanbul is economy class with no passenger in the middle seat. What a RIP off. They don’t offer you any welcome drinks till you are in the air, period.
    The seating arrangement is so pathetic, all other passengers were trying to request other passengers to switch so they can sit together.
    I was told mine and my husbands seats are together which was a big fat lie. We were on opposite ends. And the bathroom door kept banging on the foot rest every freaking time.
    I stayed awake all night on route from London to Miami. I was having high expectations and was very disappointed. I don’t think I will every fly or recommend anyone to fly BA ever again.

  • Via con dios

    Whining, snivelling crybaby. I call BS to your story.

    In fact I have doubts you have ever flown BA, and have been to Turkey.

    Cry me a river.

  • Jamal Peoples

    It’s always people like you. It’s not crying it’s a level of service that is expected when you paying for top service. A very expensive service at that. I always ask people if you hire a top painter to paint your house, a top mechanic to fix your car, or a top cater for an event and then. The paint is OK not top painter craft, the car was repaired ok not top repairman work, the food was OK not top catering food. Would you be just fine that’s OK, I know just paid top dollar for bottom class service. Let me write great reviews so my friends and family will keep using them. If you would you’re an idiot. More and more airlines are driving up their business class as a first class option with prices to match. Airlines actually blocking emirates from getting freedom flight space at airports in the US b/c there service is superior. If I pay for what the airline is calling top notch service I better get it. Everyone doesn’t get to fly business class every trip or ever. So when hard money is spent in any level it isn’t acceptable for service to be shit just once b/c you think someone should be OK with paying 5 to 7 grand for inferior services.

  • Shaheed Hasan

    When someone pays 1200 dollars or in Euros or pound, he/she definitely entitles at least 1% ( $, $, or euros) in food which is 12 (d,p,e). But airlines don’t serve even half that amount especially in the USA and UK. It is time to take Emirates, Qatar, Itihad,Virgin and so on. Kick BA, Amrican, United’s ass.

  • Retired58

    Waaah!!!! Pissy little beech, Next time bring your own food on board.

  • Jamal Peoples

    Let’s see you pay for something and not get the service you paid for. Then again you’re probably the guy who will go into a fast restaurant not get enough ketchup with your side of fries and ask for more, I stead of just walking off.

  • Jamal Peoples

    People these seem not to know what entitled means. If you pay for something it should be received its that simply. I also have seen this same writer complain about little things and never once has he called himself entitled, just that the airline should have a higher standard or do better.

  • Retired58

    Ok, better yet asshole, charter your own plane. That way you won’t have anything to bitch about. Pay for your own food and drinks.

  • nutjob2

    Yes, if you pay for something you’re entitled to get what you paid for. This seems to be just a mindless screed against people in business class. Pathetic.

  • Derrick Karner

    If you are paying $2000-$6000 round trip for business class you should get decent quality meals which is one of the reputed features of business class. People who pay big bucks are entitled to decent quality food. These people subsidize the $400 economy fares which are money losers for airlines. If I am paying for a Michelin star restaurant I am expecting more than McDonald’s food (which is great but $5-$15 great, not $100 great).

  • Joe Doe

    I chartered my own flight and flew from LAX to Singapore. It was amazing and I ate McDonald’s on the flight be ause their fish filet is the best.

  • Joe Doe

    I flew emirates suite class and the most beautiful hostess tried to have me please her sexually. I’ll never fly them again.

  • JoJo

    Another corporate boot-licking lackey blog.

  • who cares!!!!

    I call BS, liar!

  • who cares!!!!

    Now I know your a liar

  • Jamal Peoples

    So when the Charter, doesn’t give me what I pay for should, I just say nothing then also. Just shut up right. You sound like an idiot.

  • Cldntgiveash1t.

    John Doe is like sour dough , flat and uninspiring, don’t be like John Doe.

  • Chris

    I agree people should get what they pay for. But the comment about business class subsidizing the economy class is BS. Airlines have been squeezing more and more seats into economy class, and now even subdividing economy into sub classes and charging more. Airlines aren’t stupid…they’re not selling tickets at a loss. The sheer numbers of people paying for those cramped economy seats still bring the airlines the majority of their revenues.

  • julius rosen

    Recent delta first class meal was extremely average

  • Sandra Dowling

    I flew Etihad buisness class in. Feb. Bad inflight service bad customer care. The only way I can hit back at them is to constantly place bad reviews. Emirates buisness class far superior.

  • Aparna Deshmukh

    Oh I am so glad I pissed you off. Now who’s the cry baby? Hahaha

  • Via con dios

    Don’t think for a moment of taking any credit on pissing me off. You didn’t. This is my stress relief – calling bullcrap to fucknutters.

    I know your type. Your adjective is in the article’s title.


  • Scott Crandall

    You’re on an airplane you’re not in a restaurant! Believe me I have friends who were stewards and stewardesses they would never eat the food on the plane or they would suggest any food on the plane. It’s not freshly made and whatever else you want you don’t get it for the food! If you want food have it before you get on the plane. In fact isI rarely if ever eat the food on the plane I might have the cheese and the crackers and maybe a dessert but I don’t need that much food on a plane it doesn’t matter how long the flight is! I don’t enjoy eating on a plane anyway it makes me feel bloated. And as I said before you don’t eat on a plane to get first-class food! It ain’t going to happenand if you want to fly on those terrorist airlines go ahead. Never would I fly on any middle Eastern airline and support the crap that they do. The way they treat women is absolutely abominable. And the way they treat their people are just as bad, you should have freedom of religion freedom of press. And freedom for women to be who they want to be!

  • Fabio Feldmann Sato

    Not true!!! You should research more…

  • Jillann Olvera

    Entitled means you get something for nothing because you feel you deserve it.

    When you pay for first class you ARE paying for it. It’s not entitlement if you pay for something and do not get what you paid for.

    I flew first on United from DIA to FLL on OCT 4 and my seat would not recline. After eating, my tray table would not close so I flew seated on the FLOOR.

  • kallanor

    Show it. Business class increases airline profits as those seats are several times more expensive than coach, but being more profitable is not the same as subsidizing.

  • JonQSmithe

    For £1200, I don’t think it’s particularly entitled to expect a properly cooked breakfast. That said, flying upfront has indeed become vastly more comfortable – seats are better, bigger and more private.

  • Randall Curwen

    That is not a “long haul” flight. European flights, if you would check Seat Guru or the like, are all the same as you experienced in biz class—the same as coach except they leave the middle seat empty. They do serve you a better wine and snack/meal, check-in, etc but you pay far, far less than on long-haul.

  • Ned

    Good lord, folks. It is a sandwich served IN THE SKY. If you can’t handle your meal being something other than ‘just alright’, how about you book yourself on a flight to the ISS. Maybe the standard in space are high enough for you and your 1% money. Meanwhile, some of the rest of us are going to work on getting drinking water without fecal pathogens for the several billion members of the human race you don’t seem to remember when your sky toast isn’t crisp enough.

  • Ned

    People think they are somehow entitled to a world without risk. Look, someone in first class is getting the worst meal in first class. The world has variability and risk in it. Deal. There are plenty of people below you on the privilege ladder who deserve much more than they have received, but they are interested in things like basic human rights, not a slightly better sandwich on their first class flight to their vacation destination.

  • Quinn

    Could have been worse. Could have been a full British breakfast ;).

    Some people will complain about anything. The only time I can remember reporting any incident was an American run from DFW to Heathrow where the cabin was heated to 85f overnight. I just chalked it up to the high volume of vacationing eurotrash wearing next to nothing on the flight complaining they were cold. Can’t win ’em all.

  • Quinn

    The comparisons and price points you list communicate your lack of familiarity with the Michelin guide offerings. Also, appealing to authority is a logical fallacy; wanton name dropping is something worse.

  • RT

    I don’t really care about the food in Business… I fly J so I can stay as far away from the working class as possible.

  • Marty

    No, stupid. Travellers, first class or not, are entitled to edible food on airlines. ESPECIALLY on flights where the food is not complementary. Take your whiny privilege argument back to your safe space in humanities class where you learned how to be a virtue-signalling pansy.

  • Daniel Clairmont

    Your “poor me in coach” attitude is ridiculous. You might think it’s an “I’m entitled issue because you paid $600 USD for your seat in the back. But when one pays $8,000 USD for a ticket, they should at least have a reasonable meal.

  • Marty

    Omg you are such a snivelling wanker. With your “1% money” and “privilege ladder” poopytalk, you out yourself as one of the most insufferable types of low-achievers. Really Ned? Having a hard time securing potable water? You are a liar, and a ‘moral high-road’, bottom-feeding waste of tax-payers’ hard-earned.

  • Ned


    ‘literally inedible’ – A bull market Boomer, probably

    I’ll take my engineering degree and decent job right down the aisle with the rest of Main 2, past the statistically-less-happy chronically dissatisfied first class folks and their old, unearned money right
    on back to plebe class. Don’t worry, I am not aspiring to be like you. Good luck finding someone to miss you when you’re in hospice.

  • willemco

    Can’t argue with a picture but complaint should be made directly to the airline. The airline should, looking at the picture, admit that the toasted sandwich was sub standard and not argue! Brits are known worldwide to make claims just for the sake of it OR to demand exaggerated claims for compensation. That needs to be stopped because it affects us all by increased cost of travel insurance.

  • Marty

    You don’t talk like someone with a job or an engineering degree, but if that is the case I applaud you.

    If you choose not to spend your earnings on first class tickets or pricey food that is your prerogative. Your assumption that those who DO choose to are less happy, and their money is unearned, is simplistic and selfish.

  • James

    Who’s boots we lickin’?

  • Perry

    British Airways is a terrible airline.

    About 2 years ago I was on a British Airways A380 flight from Singapore to Heathrow in First. I woke up about 3 hours out of Heathrow and requested a coffee. I was told (and I sh!t you not), “breakfast service does not start for another hour and a half”….. What? Last time I flew BA.

    Looking for a decent airline, try elsewhere. Singapore, Thai, ANA and JAL leave BA wanting in every conceivable area of customer service.

  • Eric Wong

    Entitled means entitled. If you tell me an apple will cost $1, and I agree, I am entitled to the apple and you are entitled to the $1. This is a basic contract, bargain, basis of all trade…

    Self-entitled would be someone asking for two apples after offering $1. I am not convinced this author has argued this has happened.

  • Vilasini ,

    I don’t understand the need for this article. In simpler terms you are saying put up with it ..even though you have paid for a better service. Social media gives people to express their thoughts the same way the author has all people who say ,’we are dying and you are complaining about this’.. if you know the value of hard earned money, you would have done the same.

  • Derrick Karner

    If you want to talk about the global overpopulation problem we can but why should those whose ancestors worked hard and passed down their efforts prostrate and flagellate themselves instead of enjoying their blessings and contributing to the global economy

  • Ned

    If I cared to prove my bona fides to a rude person on the internet I certainly could, but you know what they say about pearls and swine.

    Since you won’t get another response from me no matter how much you insult and bait, I suggest you take the time you otherwise could have spent judging me on a quick Google search on measured happiness and fulfillment at different income levels. You might learn something!

  • Marty

    Hey man, I get it. But if those earners of “different income levels” are spending THEIR time bitching and moaning about the “1%” or “privileged class”, I question how truly happy or fulfilled they are.

  • Marty

    Bingo… Wait, you did what?

  • Jillann Olvera

    Yep. Sat on the floor. And I PAID.

  • Jillann Olvera

    These airlines claim to be serving Mitchellan Chef meals which us business and 1st class travelers are paying for. So decent food and a decent seat is in fact expected and OWED. NOT entitled but OWED the service they paid for PERIOD.

  • Fabio Feldmann Sato

    Kind of. Revenue comes from premium and cargo. Everything else is just suplemental. Not that its not important though…

  • James

    rosen tinted glasses


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