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Online Retailer Everlane Turns Black Friday On Its Head In Cleverest Way


Home cinemas that put Cannes to shame. Watch deals more glamorous than Beyonce. Headphones that make you sing. Instant swag sneakers. ‘Black Friday’ is known for many things, but eco-friendliness is not one of them.

Online retailer Everlane has just subverted that assumption, however, with one of the smartest ‘Black Friday’ moves we’ve seen in a while. Turning the consumerist post-thanksgiving trend on its head, Everlane, instead of doing a traditional sale, donated $15 to Oceana, the largest international advocacy organization focused solely on ocean conservation, for every order placed up to $300,000 (the collaboration’s target).

According to Everlane, Oceana has done the math, “and that’s enough to fund a full year of their campaigns to put an end to single-use plastic in three major voting markets.” The campaign succeeded, with Everlane taking to Instagram this morning to inform its followers they hit the $300,000 target.

As Everlane wrote on its Black Friday Fund page, “Our oceans are drowning in plastic… [but] we can turn the tide… we can stop plastic at its source with direct policy action.”


“One estimate projects US plastic recycling to have dropped to just 4.4% in 2018, while global plastic production is projected to double by 2030.”

“The good news, Everlane continued, “is that countries all over the world are beginning to fight back against senseless plastic production…127 countries have already implemented some kind of regulation on single-use plastic.”


Not only that, but the EU has prohibited the 10 most common single-use plastics by 2021, Peru has passed a law banning the use of plastic bags by 2020 and Canada has committed to implementing a ban by 2021.”

To add to this trend, Oceana is now set to put pressure on more governments around the world (particularly in the three aforementioned voting markets), with the $300,000 it received from Everlane’s Black Friday Fund.

“Oceana defends our oceans from threats that range from offshore drilling to plastic pollution. For 2020, they’re working to put an end to single-use plastic, advocating for better policies by engaging with lawmakers and voters through on-the-ground campaigning and education.”

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