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World’s Fittest Man Proves Training Can Outweigh An Indulgent Diet

In case you needed another excuse…

You open your lunchbox and the smell of tuna hits you like a wet slap. Eugh. Fish salad. Again. Second only to “dry chicken breast” in the dieter’s go-to meal prep rotation, this ‘lunch’ may be one of the most popular for the health-conscious members of society in 2020.

But what if you were wrong? What if you were being overly finicky over your food? While there’s no resounding answer, the ripped body of the world’s fittest man, and his surprisingly attractive diet, suggests you shouldn’t feel guilty for trading your salad for a juicy toasted sandwich every once in a while.

Enter: Mat Fraser, a US athlete who earned the moniker “fittest man on earth” at the 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 CrossFit games, is an absolute unit, and doesn’t fuss over lettuce leaves.

As reported this morning, the 30-year-old eats “anything from steak and potatoes to enchiladas and tacos – and usually four to five meals per day.”


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“Fraser kicks off his day at about 7.30am with a cup of coffee and a classic three-part breakfast of bacon, eggs and oatmeal. He’s then off to the gym at 9.30am for four hours where you will find him doing anything between conditioning, weightlifting and metabolic conditioning.”


He then heads home for lunch, usually a sandwich, before heading back to the gym for another three-hour sweat sesh.

He also takes moments out of his day to make you jealous about what he’s eating, whether it be Maple Syrup laden (healthy style) pancakes…

… or a cheeky Cappucino.


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Salad and coffee.. they go together, right? #HWPO – #espresso #wellfed #breakfast

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While Mathew overall has a rather healthy diet, the point is, one needn’t castigate themselves for adding some indulgences to their routine, a la Mathew.

While we can’t guarantee it will lead to better results than the CrossFit champ in the gym, it might provide you with extra fuel reserves, and a happier Sunday.

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  • Philip

    So all I need is 7+ hours in the gym each day and to get 30 years younger. Then what I eat doesn’t matter as much? Thanks for that.

  • Jeremiah Tyson

    Misleading… first off, effects of poor diet choices often don’t reveal themselves til later in life, so he may be fit, but we don’t know what’s happening inside. Second, macros in vs out determines body composition. He’s not fit because he’s eating waffles and syrup, he’s fit because he works out 7 hrs a day, which is impossible for 99% of the working class. And finally, if he’s working out that much, he’s literally burning probably 2 lbs of fat per day and over 7000 calories, which means, including his basal metabolic rate, he’s approaching 9000 calories a day lost. Of course it’s okay to eat 6000 to 10000 calories daily. He has to with his regimen. Now, the office administrator who sits for 8 hrs a day and squeezes in an hr of cardio daily would weigh 400 lbs if they did that.


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