The Rock Cheat Meal: The Rock’s Secret To Insane Vascularity

And how to look extra 'jacked' in photos.

Different diets and different studies have produced more confusion than clarity regarding the impact of ‘cheat meals’ on your health.

Some argue ‘cheat days’ could damage your blood vessels, while others say it is healthy to allow yourself an occasional indulgence.

Then there’s The Rock, who yesterday posted a photo to Instagram of a pre-photoshoot meal that would make even the most grease-hardened Wagyu fiends nervous.

“Sunday cheat meal train rolls on down the line” he captioned the photo. “Two fat 8oz double cheeseburgers with bacon and fries.”

Plus, a “double shot of… tequila – chilled.”


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How does he justify this? Well, first of all — he’s The Rock. His physique speaks for itself. Second of all, he says eating a cheat meal could also give you more “more vascularity.”

“I have a big shoot in the gym tomorrow for my next @projectrock @underarmour collection. In a crazy science, these cheat meals tonight should actually help my physique come in with a more fuller pump and vascularity for tomorrow’s shoot.”

“Or maybe I’m just looking for more excuses to drink my tequila and eat like shit (laughing emoji).”

Whatever the case, he encourages us all to live a little, every now and then.

“Enjoy your cheatmeals my friends.”

This comes after multiple other posts, the best of which occurred in November 2018, in which he explains that he has been asked by his personal trainer to load up on carbs.


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“Got the glorious text from my strength & conditioning coach that read “DJ, need a mid week carb up for your big scenes tomorrow. Eat a pizza and send me your pics in the morning.”

“We’re having fun strategically manipulating my diet/body for shooting… and I love these midweek pizza carb ups like a drunk loves free peanuts.”

Cutting back to the present — he then outdid himself this morning, with a follow-up post revealing how he likes to treat himself to dessert…

If that’s not a good enough excuse to trade your fair trade dark chocolate for a greasy doughnut, then I don’t know what is…

However, let’s not forget this comes amid the sorts of workouts very few of us partake in.


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So maybe dole out your burgers and thick shakes in proportion to how you stack up to The Rock at the gym.

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