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Cristiano Ronaldo’s “Scary Fit” Workout Is A Test No Amateur Should Try

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Cristiano Ronaldo is not the best in the world because of his vision. He’s got it – granted. But if he relied on talent alone he’d only be in the top 5 footballers worldwide (we reckon). What took him from ~phenomenon~ to the best in the world is his explosive speed (combined with, obviously, his technical skill set, and fitness).

But every day the 35-year-old gets older, pundits are poised to say: he’s not got the legs he used to. And, speaking generally, it’s around 35 when you might expect his crus to dwindle.

Chuck in the international lockdown we’ve seen in recent months, which has seen team-training stopped (especially in Italy, one of the first countries to fall badly to The Pandemic), and one might expect Ronaldo, now old enough to play in your local “over 35’s comp,” to struggle to get back in the game.

Judging by an Instagram video, posted by Ronaldo on Sunday, you’d be wrong.

After posting various videos during isolation revealing how to kill your chicken legs, driveway sprint like a pro and get the core of a champ  Ronaldo has now showcased his return to the field in awe-inspiring fashion.


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Whether or not you’re fit – we highly doubt you’re ‘scary fit’ – a term we think describes Ronaldo’s state of being in this clip.

Has the Manchester United, Real Madrid and now Juventus star got even stronger during lockdown? Going off the slow-motion seconds at the end, we’re calling yes.

Keen to replicate it? We spoke to Fitness Playground founder Justin Ashley to ask: is it a good idea for the average guy to try this ‘scary fit’ workout?

The answer? It depends. As Justin told us: “Explosive sprint training such as this is great, if you’re an athlete or your goal is to get faster.”

However, if you haven’t sprinted anywhere since John Howard was in office, you might want to give it a miss.

“Speaking personally as a former semi-professional soccer player who spent years training like
this, the injuries take their toll as you get older and are unlikely to be worth the risk if you simply want to ‘get in shape.'”

The alternative? Here’s what Justin recommended: “Incorporate rowers, ski ergs and airdynes into your workouts, and… programming formats like TABATA.”

“The equipment has less impact on your joints than running, and the benefits of the programming is well researched.”

Jelly legs await.

Watch how to get lean like Cristiano Ronaldo

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