P. Diddy Photo Uncovers Awkward Problem The Travel Industry Will Soon Have To Face

"Bruh... ain’t nobody else travel like this."

It’s hard to tell which is worse right now: the fear of travelling again or the fear of never travelling again. But whether you’re a glad-happy globetrotter or a once a year holidaymaker, when borders open once again – despite all the uncertainty – one thing remains clear. Things will be different.

From business class losing its full service food offering to the potential need for health passports, we’ve covered a number of ways your jet setting antics will shift post 2020.

But a hilarious photo, posted yesterday by Complex, highlights another serious problem the aviation – and broader travel – industry is set to face as we come out of this crisis.


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can’t wait to travel again ✈️😩

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Captioned, “Can’t wait to travel again,” the (old) photo shows American rapper P. Diddy, reclined in what appears to be business class or a private jet, awkwardly receiving a bottle of water from a flight attendant – with no gloves or mask in sight.

The image, consciously or not, depicts a problem travellers will soon have to face: a growing divide between the rich and poor holidaymakers of the world.

This is reflected in the comments beneath the post, with one user writing: “Bruh… ain’t nobody else travel like this” and another commenting, “If only I traveled like this.”

“You don’t, it’s wack af with a mask on.”

As we’ve already seen, there are some ~extra~ pandemic safety features cattle class passengers on the few flights operating right now are missing out on.


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As we start flying more, these kinds of differences, as airlines cut costs, will likely become more pronounced. Though this might make for something of a return to the golden age of travel for the cashed up citizens of the world (hotel Pellicano, anyone?), for most of us this means going back to the days of ‘expensive everythings’.

Keep your friends close and your flight credits closer.

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