Bathe In Wine & Ramen At This Japanese Spa

What do you get when you combine fine wine and delicious ramen broth with a bunch of half naked people? One hell of a holiday. For those looking for an vacation experience that takes you off the beaten track, Yunessun Spa Resort in Japan‘s Hakone offers food and drink flavoured spas for hungry travellers who just want to relax.

Guests have the chance to bathe in a huge pool of wine alongside a 3.6 metre bottle for convenient drinking. There is also a Green Tea Bath that apparently boosts your immune system and sorts out your skin, a Coffee Spa where fresh brews are added as you soak, and even a Japanese Sake Spa which claims to remove age spots and freckles…and no doubt give you a nasty hangover.

The best part of Yunnesun, though, has to be the Ramen Noodle Spa. Complete with fake noodles, this warm pool of broth supposedly stimulates your metabolism and greasifies beautifies your skin. For the romantics out there there is a chocolate bath available just in time for Valentine’s Day. What more could you want?