Two Quirky Red Wine Varietals You Need To Try This Winter

Stop being so boring.

Two Quirky Red Wine Varietals You Need To Try This Winter

Australians love their Shiraz. But there are two other red wine varietals we reckon you should give a shot this winter.

I’ve got to start this article with a disclaimer. I’m not a Grenache person. Never have been, probably never will be. I like Shiraz if I feel like something strong, and Merlot if I want something weak. As for Tempranillo – it’s nice, but I don’t often opt for it. Apparantly I’m behind the times though. Why’s that? Jody Liddle, Category Manager at Jimmy Brings, recently told DMARGE Grenache and Tempranillo are having a ~moment~ Down Under.

Before we get into that though: why is now the time to get your drink on? Isn’t it Dry July? Not here at DMARGE. In fact, we were pleased to learn the other day that red wine tends to have a higher alcohol content than white wine, which creates a natural thermogenic effect to warm you from the inside out. Not to mention: most red wine is usually consumed at room temperature (rather than recommended to be consumed chilled), which makes it a great winter companion.

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Back to why you should try Grenache and Tempranillo though, rather than sticking with your trusty old Shiraz. Here are a couple of reasons. One: you don’t want to get left behind. As Liddle told DMARGE: “Australians are starting to branch out from the standard wine varietals that we all know and love, and are eager to discover different styles.”

Young people enjoying a glass of red wine on a terrace. Image Credit: Getty Images.

She adds: “In particular, we’re starting to see this mindset shift amongst younger generations, seeking more bold, compelling and ‘on trend; products.”

Speaking of which: “Tempranillo and Grenache are having a moment” Liddle said, explaining the attraction of each.

“Tempranillo is a full bodied dry red wine that is native to Spain, perfect for those who love a bold Shiraz but are looking for something more interesting.”

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“Grenache, on the other hand, is a smooth and easy to drink red, similar to Pinot Noir but with more subtle flavours, it pairs well with roasts and is always the crowd pleaser at a dinner party.”

Across Jimmy Brings’ current range, Liddle recommends the El Sonodor Tempranillo ($24 RRP) and King Salvatoro Grenache ($24 RRP). There are, though, it should go without saying, a world of other Grenaches and Tempranillos out there just waiting to be explored.

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There are also more ways to find (and buy) cool new wines than ever before with the Netlix model of wine consumption (read: direct to consumer) blowing up, and with many wine producers themselves also having made buying wine online much easier during the first couple of years of the pandemic.

We’ll drink to that.

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