Ben Simmons' Leather Pants Could Be Next Year's Biggest Legwear Trend

Leather me up.

Men have a pretty limited selection of legwear available to them: denim, jogger, wool trouser for example. Leather doesn’t usually feature on that list, at least not since the days of Ricky Martin or Jeff Goldblum in the first Jurassic Park movie.

But high-profile fashionistas are staking a claim for their comeback, including Australian basketballer Ben Simmons. Stepping out of his chauffeur-driven ride for his latest game against Miami Heat on the 19th of December, the 76ers point guard is proudly rocking the thigh-chafing-unless-well-lubricated material.

Fortunately, it seems Ben can comfortably wear his sans lubricant, as the cropped pants have a loose fit. We’re pretty sure they’re from Rick Owens, due to the long drawstring waist, but are unable to find them on the website. Ben teams them with a white pullover hoody, Burberry check flannel puffer overshirt – available for US$1,290 – and Nike Air Force 1 x Travis Scott ‘Cactus Jack’ sneakers – available from anywhere between $355 and $770.

While he’s certainly not the first celebrity in recent years to don Catwoman pants, he is part of a minority. However, we have to say we think his outfit looks great, and, if the situation allows, we’d say leather pants could be the next big thing in 2020. With retailers such as Mr. Porter and ASOS already stocking a range of styles, we’d bet our lunch money.

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