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The Best Beard & Stubble Trimmers To Buy Right Now

Guys, when it comes to facial hair, there are three main routes you can venture down. You can either show off your follicular prowess (if you have the luxury of doing so) and grow a beard that requires regular maintenance using the likes of beard oil.

You can go for a completely clean shave, using reusable or disposable cartridge-based razors, or for a close shave; you know that perfect 5 o’clock shadow, you can invest in a straight razor to get the job done.

Or, you can choose to rock a stubble beard, or a short beard in which case, you’ll need the right tools: a beard or stubble trimmer.

It’s not surprising to see why beard trimmers have gained in popularity over the past few years. They have quietly replaced the humble razor as the preferred styling tool of choice for men with beards who are proud to show it off.

What isn’t so easy is choosing the right beard trimmer to suit your face and needs. Attending to a beard or stubble is a fine art and can have a major impact on a man’s overall look, so it’s imperative to choose wisely. You need to consider the trimmer’s key features, and what kind of look you want for your facial hair; do you want a barely-there 5 o’clock shadow, a sophisticated stubble look, or a beard long enough to rival Dumbledore?

With a little help from the experts, we’ve compiled a list of the best beard trimmers and best stubble trimmers that’ll help keep facial hair looking rugged and masculine, and will make hair trimming easier than ever.

Beard Trimmer Essentials

Most men wouldn’t know, but there’s actually a lot to consider in a beard or stubble trimmer besides the price. Sure, price plays an important factor, but ultimately it’s the individual features that will play a key role in determining which is the best beard trimmer for you.

These are the four main factors that will guide you to the right beard or stubble trimmer:

Beard Length: Most beard and stubble trimmers should include adjustable length settings these days. The incremental levels of adjustment usually increase (become more precise) with the price and are more suited to the discerning bearded man who knows and wants an exacting beard/stubble length every time.

Know your own beard (long, medium, short, stubble) and choose your trimmer accordingly. An expensive trimmer with 25 length settings is pointless if you’re just using the short 0.5mm stubble setting every time; a cheaper one can do the same job.

Cord or Cordless: Most beard or stubble trimmers on the market come with the convenience of both a cord and cordless option. The vast majority will have a rechargeable battery built-in and a charging port, so you can easily use it at home and when travelling. You may occasionally find some beard trimmers will be cordless only, and these will need to have their batteries replaced.

A cordless trimmer, which comes with its own charging station provides the best of both worlds. It will however take up a bit more luggage space. Also note, avoid beard or stubble trimmers with built-in Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries as these have a shorter charging life span than a lithium ion battery. After extensive use and charge cycles, you’ll find that beard or stubble trimmers with built-in Ni-Cd batteries will last 30 seconds before they’re flat; AKA horrible battery life.

Trimmer Purpose: Some beard and/or stubble trimmers can be multi-purpose body trimmers and groomers, so make sure you know what you want to use it for, as the accompanying attachments could be for shaving heads or other regions other than the soft contours of the face. We don’t recommend you use one trimmer for your whole body. If you want to trim body hair, we suggest you invest in a dedicated body groomer.

Trimmer Features: One of the most overlooked areas of beard and/or stubble trimmers is their ease of cleaning. The most advanced trimmers today have built-in vacuums which are designed to suck up the loose beard hair as it is being cut. This makes for the ultimate in trimming leaving close to zero mess and quick disposal.

Other features to look out for include, a pop-out head for easy cleaning, water resistant or waterproofing for quick cleaning and use in the shower if you wish, and add-ons for other facial hair like nose and ear hair detailing. Also, take note of what the blades are made of. Stainless steel blades are cheap but will blunt quicker than titanium coated blades. If you go stainless, it just means you’ll need to lubricate the blades more often to prevent a dull trim.

Where To Buy Beard Trimmers

Besides the online market, there are plenty of physical stores men can head to in search of their ideal trimmer. If you’re not a fan of international adapters then definitely go for the latter option. It might cost slightly more than online buying locally but it’s guaranteed you’ll have a warranty and a locally designated charger.

Beard & Stubble Trimmer FAQ

How do I trim my beard?

Set your beard trimmer to its longest setting and start with the longest hair length. To remove excess bulk, go against the direction of the hair growth. Repeat using shorter trim settings until you are satisfied with the result.

Which blade is better for trimmers: titanium or stainless steel?

Titanium is stronger and has higher corrosion resistance, while steel stays in shape for longer and less expensive. If you want a compromise, find blades made of steel with titanium coating.

What is a good pre-trimming routine?

A pre-trimming routine is especially important for those with sensitive skin. Start with washing and conditioning your beard, then letting it dry naturally. Apply beard oil as you normally would, then wait for an hour or so before trimming.

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