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8 Best Beard Trimmers Australia 2023, Tried & Tested By Blokes

Keep your facial hair looking its best with these beard trimmers.

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Having a feature-packed beard trimmer to hand in the bathroom is an absolute necessity for Aussie men. Whether you rock a full beard or the clean-shaven look, ensuring you regularly maintain your beard or stubble can make all the difference between looking completely unkempt or a well-groomed modern gentleman. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best beard and stubble trimmers in Australia.

How To Buy A Beard Trimmer Online

There’s actually a lot to consider when buying a beard trimmer besides the price:

Length of Cut

Most beard trimmers include adjustable length settings.

The incremental levels usually become more precise as the price increases. These are best for discerning bearded man who wants an exact beard length every time.

This level of precision is an unnecessary expense if you’re just using the same basic setting every time. A cheaper one can do the same job, so save yourself the money.

Some beard trimmers will make it easy to adjust the length, while others come with guards you need to switch out each time. If you travel regularly, opt for one without guards.

Portability: Wired or Cordless?

Most beard trimmers on the market come with both a mains-powered and a cordless option.

The vast majority will have a rechargeable battery built-in and a charging port, so you can easily use it at home and when travelling. A few beard trimmers are cordless only – they need their batteries replaced.

A wireless beard trimmer with its own charging station provides the best of both worlds. However, it will take up a bit more luggage space if you intend to go away.

Beard, Body Hair, or Both?

Are you just looking to shave your beard? Or do you have other body parts that need grooming?

Some trimmers can be used on other parts of the body, not just the face. However, we don’t recommend you use one trimmer for your whole body. If you want to trim body hair, we suggest you invest in a dedicated body groomer.

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Easy to Clean

One of the most overlooked areas is their ease of cleaning. 

Some of the most advanced beard trimmers today have built-in vacuums which are designed to suck up the loose beard hair as it is being cut.

This makes for the ultimate in trimmer cleaning, leaving zero mess.

Some trimmers also have a pop-out head for easier cleaning. These are great too and usually not as expensive.

Additional Features

Other features to look out for include:

  • Water resistant or waterproofing for use in the shower
  • Add-ons for nose and ear hair detailing
  • Blade Materials: Stainless steel razor blades are cheap but will become blunt far quicker than titanium-coated blades

Short For Time? These Are Our Top Picks

Best All-Round Beard Trimmer: Phillips OneBlade Pro
Best Affordable Beard Trimmer: Wahl All-in-One Rechargeable
Best Professional Beard Trimmer:Wahl Waterproof Stainless Steel

Best All-Round Beard Trimmer

OneBlade Pro

Philips $99
Lengths: 0.5mm - 9mm
Battery: 90 mins
Waterproof: Yes

Philips is one of the standout manufacturers of beard trimmers in Australia and the OneBlade Pro is perhaps the best it has to offer.

It's incredibly versatile despite having just one blade. With a range of length settings and some of the best precision cutting we've seen on a trimmer, the OneBlade Pro is the best there is for perfect stubble.

The battery lasts up to two hours and only needs one hour to charge, making it even more convenient.

Small, easy to carry, and incredibly affordable, it's really the only beard trimmer you need. If you don't need to trim body hair, you can buy the standard OneBlade for just shy of $70.

Best Trimmer For Durability

BT 9000

Philips $299
Lengths: 0.2mm - 10mm
Battery: 120 mins
Waterproof: Yes

If you need a beard trimmer to last you a lifetime, the Philips BT9000 is the way to go.

Benefitting from Philips' SteelPrecision technology, combining a metal comb and a strong cutter, you'll have a beard trimmer that can cut through anything.

You don't need to worry about nicks either thanks to anti-friction coating. With thirty integrated length settings, getting the perfect result is easy.

A one hour charge will give you two hours of use and a removable head makes for easy cleaning.

Best For Beard Trimming Newbies

Series 3

Braun $69
Lengths: 0.5mm - 10mm
Battery: 50 mins
Waterproof: No

Braun is another leading name in the men's grooming game. The Series 3 is perfect for those needing a basic beard trimmer without all the extra gimmicks.

With twenty length settings from the integrated blade alone plus a number of guards tackling longer beards, you'll be able to trim your beard into any style you want.

You're also guaranteed long-lasting trimming thanks to Braun's Lifetime Sharp Blades.

The only downside is that a full charge takes 10 hours, and will give you 50 minutes of use.

Best For Long Beards

Beard Boss Pro

Remington $89
Lengths: 1mm - 35mm
Battery: 120 mins
Waterproof: No

Another affordable beard trimmer option comes from Remington.

The built-in adjustable comb allows for trimming from 1mm up to 35mm, thanks to the inclusion of additional guards and combs.

All blades are washable, although the trimmer itself won't survive a shower. However, the nose and ear hair trimmer can.

For long beards, we can't think of any better beard trimmers available right now.

Best Professional Beard Trimmer

Waterproof Stainless Steel

Wahl $250
Lengths: 1.5mm - 11mm
Battery: 6 hours
Waterproof: Yes

Wahl is one of the biggest names in professional haircare and is trusted by barbers around the world.

Many of Wahl's beard trimmers are more expensive than others but their quality speaks volumes.

This waterproof beard trimmer can be used in the shower and will happily survive a wash under the tap. A diamond-like coating on the blades ensures the sharpest and most comfortable cutting experience, too.

You're able to trim ear, nose and eyebrow hir with it too. The battery will last a mammoth six hours from just a one-hour charge.

Best Affordable Beard Trimmer

All-in-One Rechargeable Trimmer

Wahl $50
Lengths: 2mm - 12mm (0.5mm on bare blade)
Battery: 80 mins
Waterproof: No

While the majority of Wahl beard trimmers are rather pricey, you can't get much more affordable than $50. And for such a small investment, you get yourself a beard trimmer from one of the best names in the business.

This all-in-one beard trimmer will take care of your beard, ear, nose and body hair and cut them all to perfect precision thanks to a range of guards and carbon-steel blades.

The battery may only last up to 80 minutes, but for $50 you can't ask for much more. If you need a basic beard trimmer just for travelling, this option for Wahl won't steer you wrong.

Best For All Hair Types

The Groom Captain

VS For Men $59
Lengths: 2mm - 12mm (0.5mm on bare blade)
Battery: 60 mins
Waterproof: No

VS For Men may not be the first name you think of when it comes to beard trimmers, but their products are genuinely worth your consideration. Affordable and high-quality, there is much to love.

This Groom Captain beard trimmer will take care of your face, nose, ear and body hair, all in one small and ergonomic body. You do need to attach the various heads and guards to adjust the length, but these allow you to cover all beard lengths.

The Essential Beard Trimmer

Solo Trimmer

MicroTouch $40
Lengths: 1mm, 3mm & 5mm comb attachments
Battery: 45 mins
Waterproof: No

Ok, so the MicroTouch Solo is more affordable than the Wahl All-in-One, but considering the Wahl can do more, we see it as a more worthwhile option. But, if you're just looking for a simple yet effective beard trimmer that takes care of the most essential grooming needs, the Solo is for you.

From its travel-sized body, you're able to trim your beard to various lengths thanks to a selection of guards.

Remove the guards and you have yourself a super-sharp and super-precise trimmer for tidying up your neckline and sideburns.

The battery does only last up to 45 minutes, so you'll get three or four trims out of it. For $40, it's hard to argue with.