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7 Best Charcoal BBQs & Grills

The hottest charcoal BBQs on the planet.

A charcoal BBQ – or barbecue, to give it its proper spelling – is a method of cooking unlike any other. Not only does barbecuing provide a whole new flavour profile to the likes of meats and fish, but, because they’re usually only used during clement outdoor conditions, they become the literal life of summer parties.

Barbecue hails from the Spanish word barbacoa, which was once used to describe the physical wooden structure the Arawak people of South American would use to grill their food. The word was eventually applied to refer to the actual act of grilling food (although of course, BBQs are still very unique in their look). Today, there are many variations of the BBQ: gas, infrared, electric and charcoal, which itself can be broken down into various sub-categories.

Charcoal-based grills were the first to come about, although their invention has a relative of Henry Ford’s to thank. It was Edward G. Kingsford (whose wife was Ford’s cousin), who took wood scraps discarded during the production of the Model T and turned them into charcoal, creating the very first charcoal briquette.

It was George Stephen, a welder at Weber Brothers Metal Works who came up with the hemispherical grill design we now see as the iconic design for charcoal BBQs. Following some success in selling his designs to customers, teamed up with Weber to create the Weber-Stephens Products Company, the very same that’s responsible for some of the finest charcoal BBQ grills on the market today.

There is much debate surrounding which method is best for cooking on a barbecue, but it’s because of the history of charcoal and the more ‘authentic’ flavour using it a fuel source provides, that we thought it best to provide a round-up of the very best charcoal barbecue grills available today.

They may all differ in price and looks, as well as the amount of cooking space you’re afforded, but all have been produced with the sole intention of giving you the classic American-style charcoal taste.

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