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10 Best Charcoal BBQs Australia

The hottest charcoal BBQs to buy this Summer.

10 Best Charcoal BBQs Australia

A charcoal BBQ – or barbecue, to give it its proper spelling – is a method of cooking unlike any other. Not only does barbecuing provide a whole new flavour profile to the likes of meats and fish, but, because they’re usually only used during clement outdoor conditions, they become the literal life of summer parties.

What to look for when buying a charcoal BBQ

Charcoal BBQ-ing isn’t necessarily a simple a task as throwing some charcoal bricks into a pit and covering it with a grill. Although, if you don’t have a proper BBQ to hand, this DIY method can certainly work. No, when looking at upgrading your outdoor area, there are a few things you need to consider before you make your final purchase.

There are three main types of charcoal BBQ to look out for, barrel, ceramic and kettle.

  • Kettle grills, such as the first entry from Weber on our list below, can come in a variety of sizes and are a great option for charcoal BBQ beginners. The spherical shape helps to direct heat evenly around the cooking area, making cooking your steaks a relatively foolproof exercise.
  • Barrel grills are what you want to look out for if you primary concern is smoking meat. Kamado grills, such as The Big Green Egg, work in a similar way, but stand vertical as opposed to the horizontal nature of a traditional barrel grill. These charcoal grills are going to be more expensive than kettle grills, but stand to give your food greater flavour. You just need to have a little bit more skill wielding the utensils.
  • Ceramic grills, such as those made by Everdure, are going to be the most expensive option. They’re best suited to those who really know how to BBQ, and they have the added benefit of more precise temperature control. They can also get much hotter than the other charcoal BBQ types, hence the more precise control being required.

So, now you know some top charcoal BBQ-ing tips, it’s time to find out which ones to look out for. Our selections may all differ in price and looks, as well as the amount of cooking space you’re afforded, but all have been produced with the sole intention of giving you the classic American-style charcoal taste that Australians seem to love.