Jeff Bezos’ $900 Million Real Estate Empire: From Beverly Hills To ‘Billionaire Bunkers’

*Prime* real estate.

Jeff Bezos’ $900 Million Real Estate Empire: From Beverly Hills To ‘Billionaire Bunkers’


Jeff Bezos has been on something of a real estate splurge in recent weeks. We felt it was high time to do a round-up of his fast-growing property empire.

Second-richest man on earth, founder of Amazon, CEO of Blue Origin and, it seems, real estate mogul: Jeff Bezos has added $600 million worth of property in Florida’s new hotspot, Indian Creek Island, in a matter of months. Beefing up an already massive property portfolio, Bezos now has so many houses to his name that we wanted to do a neat and tidy round-up of them all.

Bezos’s most recent acquisition was a third home on Miami’s highly exclusive aforementioned island. Joining two multimillion-dollar estates he purchased there the previous year, reports suggest he plans to live in this latest home while demolishing and then combining the other two properties.

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Bezos announced his decision to relocate from Seattle — his home for over three decades — at the end of last year and now boasts a number of properties across the United States. In 2021, Bezos set a record for the most expensive purchase in Maui, Hawaii, when he acquired a 14-acre compound for $78 million USD.

Bringing the total value of his real estate holdings to a staggering $578 million USD (c. $872 million AUD), Bezos also owns several properties in Washington state, New York City, sprawling estates in California, a ranch in Texas, and properties in Washington, D.C.

Here’s a full breakdown of Jeff Bezos’s real estate holdings.

Seattle Sprawl

Image: Digital Trends

Located in the Medina neighbourhood of Seattle, Bezos’s one-primary residence features two homes spanning 20,600 and 8,300 square feet, respectively, nestled on 5.3 acres of lush greenery. The estate boasts 310 feet of private shoreline on Lake Washington, complete with a boathouse and a water slide.

Bezos spent $28 million USD on renovations in 2010 and reportedly acquired an adjacent 24,000-square-foot house in the same year. This property includes indoor and outdoor pools.

Manhattan Penthouse

Image: News

In New York City’s Lincoln Square neighbourhood, Bezos purchased three units in the Century building from Sony Music executive Tommy Mottola for $7.65 million USD. He later acquired an additional unit for $5.3 million USD, expanding his already impressive footprint in the historic Upper West Side.

Texas Ranch (With Space Station)

Image: The Sun

Bezos bought the Figure 2 Ranch — now named ‘Corn Ranch’ — north of Van Horn, Texas, in 2004. The sprawling 30,000-acre property serves as the base of operations for Blue Origin, Bezos’s aerospace company. The ranch features a 10,000 Year Clock and the Kármán Line Bar.

Beverly Hills Mega-Mansion

Image: NY Post

Bezos purchased a Spanish-style mansion in Beverly Hills for $24.45 million USD in 2007, featuring seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms spread across two luscious acres. He acquired the adjacent property in 2017 for $12.9 million USD.

Kalorama, Washington D.C.

Image: UrbanTurf

In 2016, Bezos acquired two sprawling mansions in Washington, D.C.’s Kalorama neighbourhood for $23 million USD. He later purchased a second residence across the street for another tidy $5 million USD.

Manhattan Megamansion

Image: Business Insider

Early in 2019, Bezos bought three Manhattan apartments overlooking Madison Square Park for a total of $80 million USD. He later acquired a fourth unit for $16 million USD and a fifth unit for $23 million USD in the same building.

David Geffen’s Beverly Hills Pad

Image: KTLA

Bezos paid $165 million USD for David Geffen’s iconic Beverly Hills mansion in February 2020, along with a neighbouring property for $10 million USD.

Record-Breaking Hawaiian House

Image: Ethan Kwon

Later in 2020, Bezos purchased a $78 million compound on Maui, Hawaii, including a main house and guest house. The property boasts a wood-clad outdoor kitchen, a deck overlooking a private beach, and a pool.

The Billionaire Bunker

Outlined is Bezos’ second purchase on the island. Image:

In 2023 and 2024, Bezos acquired three properties on Miami’s Indian Creek Island for a whopping total of $372 million USD. As described above, he plans to live in his newest purchase while awaiting construction on the other two.